Jada's 21st & 22nd Month

Our Jada baby is no longer a baby, but a big sister:) Luckily for us, despite the big changes in our family, Jada is as happy as ever. She has done better then we could have hoped with moving multiple times, a new baby brother, and adjusting to not having her Daddy home as much a we are used to and would like.

Despite these changes, Jada has grown up so much. As of today, October 29th, Jada:
* knows lots of animal sounds including a: cow, cat, dog, duck, owl, snake, horse, pig, sheep, bird, turkey, lion, tiger, bear, worm, and chick. (yes a worm . . . apparently they say "wiggle wiggle" according to daddy:) Her lion is the best though, if you have a chance, ask her what a lion says!
* loves "Mater" and says his name multiple times a day (when she wants to watch Cars 2 or is looking for her toy Mater car)
* adores her baby brother and loves to give him lots of kisses and hugs
* has to give mom, dad, and baby a hug and kiss before bed
* is still a great sleeper
* says "aah nuts!" better then anything else
* loves to have books read to he
* is talking a ton and understands a lot. She uses some sentences and knows how to tell us what she wants/needs
* is too big for her high chair and has graduated to a normal chair (until we get a booster:)
* loves to play hide-and-seek
* knows her colors
* will now try to say anything you ask her to
* loves going to nursery
* loved spending 5+ weeks with her Maimi
* is still the cutest girl ever

* loves trucks and airplanes
* is a stinker and can often be found in the bathroom, on top of the toilet, playing in the sink and with the soap. She likes the bubbles
* is still an excellent eater
* gets so excited to see her Daddy every night
* loves candy . . . surprise
* has started saying "eeps" for "oops":)
* still loves "Cars 2" and "A Bug's Life"
* enjoys singing and has started to sing along with us
* loves Winnie the Pooh
* knows a few shapes
* likes saying "hi" and "bye" (and will keep saying "bye" and waving until whoever is no longer in sight)
* is going to get potty trained very soon
* is great at playing by herself
* loves talking on the phone
* has grown fond of stuffed animals and thinks they all need to be in her bed with her. She currently has: baby, baby 2, 2 dogs, a duck, Winnie the Pooh, a giraffe, 2 bears, a Cars pillow Maimi made her and Blankie. It's gotten a little out of control
* finally likes brushing her teeth
* is a climber
* still loves water and loves playing in water
* loves dancing and has started doing this sideways walk/move when she is dancing
* loves to have you chase her around the house
* still loves her blankie
* loves being outside
* got a real bed! But doesn't get to sleep in it yet:) (I'm not ready for that)
* can hear a wrapper from the other side of the house. If you try to sneak a piece of candy, she will hear you, and will come running yelling "treat, treat!!" with a huge smile on her face
* is finally getting lots of hair! Its getting thicker and she has curls in the back. One day soon we will be able to do something with it, for now it just flips out under her headbands
* is binkie free as of late August. Hooray!!
* now says "cheese" with a cheesy smile any time you pull a camera out
* loved flying on the airplane and did excellent on our trip out here
 . . . and so much more, but I am sure you are tired of reading so I'll be done. Now for the pictures.

Jada's photo shoot outtakes (Jada posed herself:)

 Other photo's from the past 2 months:

Jada and Aunt Becca at the hospital visiting baby Tucker

Jada's last day with Aunt Becca before we moved

 Aunt Becca with Tucker and Jada

Jada and her Maimi

"Cars? Cars? Peees"

 Great Grandma Hansen, Maimi, me, Jada and Tucker

Maimi, Poppi, Jada and Tucker:)

Hanging out with baby brother

And the Instagrams: in no order

 Poor guy didn't see it coming. Only 6 months and already getting necklaces put on him by his big sister

Jada on our "new" front porch

Moving day at Maimi's. Our last afternoon in Utah

 Watchin' Cars 2 and snuggling with her blankie

   Last time on the farm for awhile

 Chillin' at the doctors office with brother

 Checking out the planes at the Hill Air Force Base Museum

Enjoying the outdoors

 Jada and Max, a few days before we left our Provo home

Stuck in the net:)

Nice hair girlfriend

Chips and dip

Jada's new favorite thing to do, that she knows she shouldn't

Playing in the dirt

Scheduling her week:)


Filing her toenails

Out on a date with Mommy and Daddy

So cute!

At the Brigham City Temple dedication

* P.S. I am typing this one handed while Tucker sleeps in my arms . . . do I get bonus points for that?

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