Tucker's Blessing Weekend

Shortly after our move to Georgia, our little family was lucky enough to have LOTS of visitors:) My brother Rhet and his family, my sister Dantzel and her family, my sister Lindsey and her family, my Mom, Michael's Mom and Dad and brother Kurt all came to visit for the weekend to attend Tucker's blessing in church and to have some fun! All together I think we had 21 people (including us) in our 3 bedroom home. It was like an early Christmas vacation!!

Everyone came in Friday evening. We all spent Saturday getting our house in order and our things unpacked. Whether it was entertaining Jada, unpacking boxes, holding Tucker, fixing our toilet and dryer, or raking our leaves, everyone helped. The children had fun playing outside in the backyard and at the playground . Apparently we have an amazing playground about a mile away . . . I have yet to go there, but am excited to get to take Jada one of these days. (She has been twice, but both times someone else besides myself took her.)

Anyways, Sunday October 14th was Tucker's blessing day. Michael gave Tucker a name and a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful that we do this in our Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), it is such a wonderful blessing and experience for Michael and I. Thanks to Michael's mom, we have it all written down so we will never forget and can have it for Tucker to read later in life.

Thanks to everyone who came and took part in Tucker's special day. Thank you family and friends (Lynn and Katie) for your support and love. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

A few photos from Tucker's Blessing photo shoot (Thank you Tiffani and Ryan for letting Tucker borrow this cute white tux)

And now for a plethora of pictures from the weekend . . .

Everyone who came for the blessing

Our first family picture (since Tucker's birth that is)

Jada and Daddy after church

Jada and her Maimi:)

Father and son

Everyone who took part in the blessing (minus the bishop)

All the men

Michael's Dad (David), Michael, and Tucker 
3 Generations

The Jensen's

Jada and Tucker with their cousins that came

On the Saturday before the blessing Michael's dad was nice enough to rake our leaves for us . . . the kids took advantage and had themselves a grand time

(Rhet's included in the "kids")

Do you see what I see? . . .

After Tucker's blessing, my family all had to head home. Michael's family, on the other hand, got to stay another night. So, we went for a nice evening stroll around the neighborhood. Tucker's 1st walk!

Jada and her Uncle Kurt

Grampa and Jada

Tucker with his Gramma Jensen

My cute little Jada baby getting ready to say her goodbyes

Jada and her buddy, Uncle Kurt

Kurt and Tucker
(best babysitter ever! . . . Kurt that is)

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