Halloween 2012

This Halloween was a fun one for the Jensen family. Jada was old enough this year to really enjoy the holiday and the fun!

Our ward did a Trunk-or-Treat last Friday, which Jada LOVED. She did a great job going from car to car saying "treat" (she didn't care about the "trick or" part, she just wanted the treat:)) and then "thank you" when she got her candy. Everyone loved her outfit and kept commenting on how cute she was. Her cuteness got her lots of extra candy! After going to every trunk, she skipped back to our car, took a seat, and dug into her candy. She was so cute running around and playing while eating her candy. She entertained herself while we met lots of ward members and finished handing out treats to the rest of the children. She was one happy girl!

P.S. Trunk-or-Treat rocks! So much better then going from door to door.

Enjoying her treats last Friday night

On Wednesday, Halloween day, Jada was excited all day to be able to go trick-or-treating. After trunk-or-treat she knew what trick-or-treating meant . . . more candy! Lucky for us, Michael was able to get off work early and made it home in time for dinner and in time to help get the children dressed, take pictures, and head out. The evening started out lame with hardly anyone answering their doors, even when it was obvious they were home. But luckily, things picked up. We met a few of our neighbors, got lots of treats, and had an enjoyable evening together as a family. (While we were out we left a bowl of candy out for any kids that came by, to my surprise there was still lots left when we got back. I was sure it would be empty.) Yeah for Halloween!!

The kids in their costumes.
Our little giraffe and our darling flapper!


Out doing the rounds . . . 

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Kim said...

Aubry, your family is adorable! I just saw your previous post, too, and little Tucker is such a beautiful/ handsome baby boy! Congratulations again on the sweet new addition to your family!