Jada's 2!!

Our little girl is 2 years old!! It's hard to believe its been that long. I can't even begin to express how much love I have for this little angel. She is the best!!

As of December 3rd 2012, Jada:
* weighs 31 pounds (90th percentile)
* is 36.5 inches tall (99th percentile)
* knows and recognizes a number of letters including A, B, C, D, E, F, H, J, K, L, M, O, P, S, and T. Any time she says them, they are almost always followed by what they are "for". For example, "B for baby", "D for Daddy", "P for Poppi", "M for Momma", "T for Tucker", and of course "J for ME!"
* has a collection of Cars 2 cars that are her favorite toys
* knows her colors
* loves going to the playground and playing on the slide and swings
* knows a handful of shapes
* has learned to open the fridge
* loves Mater
* has gone potty on the toilet once (hooray!!)
* loves to give Tucker kisses and hugs throughout the day
* enjoys cooing to Tucker and trying to make him smile
* has started asking to watch "Rraaaarrrrrr" every now and then in addition to her usual movie favorites (a.k.a. The Lion King)
* loves reading books
* is getting better and better at talking and communicating
* loves to dance with Daddy and Mommy
* still loves water, be it a bath, the sink, rain, anything
* has some sweet Lego stacking skills
* loves playing outside
* went to the zoo for the first time
* loves nursery and church
* is a great helper
* gives the best hugs
* loves having friends/cousins come play
* is so excited every time her Daddy comes home

 And now for the photos . . . 

 Other favorites from her photo shoot

 Its been 2 years and she hasn't changed a bit:) Ok maybe a little. While trying to take 2 year old pictures of Jada today, I happened to capture this image which immediately reminded me of the picture on the left. What a silly girl

Playing in the tub

 Christmas PJs

 Washing and eating her pepper

Playing at the park

 Playing with Tucker on the bed

Jada in my favorite cherry dress after church

"sshhh shhh"

More fun with brother

Fun at the Atlanta Zoo with Lindsey & Kenny

Her favorite . . . the flamingos

 The Instagrams

Playing on Dad's computer

Her Birthday cake

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