Jada's Bedroom Makeover!

I know I have a LOT of blogging updates to do, but in the meantime . . . for those of you who have been dying to see :) . . . While Michael's Mom was here in GA (additional posts about her visit later) she was kind enough to help me do something I have been wanting to do for awhile, since Jada was born in fact. A bedroom makeover!

As I have been in many kids bedrooms over the past couple years during play groups and such, I have been jealous of all the cute rooms that Jada's friends have. I know she doesn't care, but I REALLY wanted to redo her room and make it cute. Well, my dreams came true. Thank you Fara for all your help, and thank you Michael for paying for it!

(not a true before because I almost forgot, but hey, it will do!)

Oh, I just LOVE it!!!
(P.S. Sorry not the best pictures. I didn't have the time to make them perfect.)
Walls are a light gray . . . not purple:/

It's not completely finished, but it's getting close. I am working on making some white ruffle curtains and a bird mobile, and finding a place to hand this cute dragonfly that flaps his wings when you pull a cord, but things are close! I figured it may be weeks before the other things get finished so I mine as well take a photo now:)

*Special thanks for Lindsey and Kenny for helping take care of Tucker and Jada while we worked on things for the room and refinished Tuckers crib and changing table (Yes that's right! another post.) Oh and of course wrapping the awesome J perfectly in twine!


Ranell Jensen said...

It looks awesome Aubry. I love the dresser! I also really love the wall hangings.

Tiffani Harris said...

It turned out so cute! Love the color, and the arrangement of photos and things on the wall-it looks great. I have wanted to do something like that, but have felt that I couldn't be random enough...maybe I'll try in the new house!

Brittany Lewis said...

So cute! Love how it turned out! I can't wait to have the freedom (and money) to do more decorating one day! :)

Amy & Miikael said...

The room looks awesome. I really like the duvet you used. I saw it at Ikea a little while back and keep wondering if I want to use that much grey, but it looks so good. Good job.

Katie said...

Very cute! I love that it is pink and girly without looking like the inside of a bottle of Pepto Bismol.