Jada's 2nd Birthday Celebration

For Jada's birthday this year we had a little family party for her on the Saturday before her birthday. I wanted to do a big "Mater" themed party, but decided to save our money for another year when we can have a big party for her with tons of cute little children to enjoy the fun:) But, I still wanted to do some Mater things since she just LOVES him.

Lindsey and Kenny came over Friday night (the party was scheduled for Saturday) and spent the night helping me get ready for Jada's big day. Kenny and Michael held Tucker and put Jada's tricycle together, while Lindsey and I decorated the house and Lindsey decorated Jada's birthday cake. (I like to give my tricky craft ideas to Lindsey . . . she always rocks them better then I could.) We got a lot more done then I thought we would which made my day.

Jada woke up to balloons in her room and streamers in her doorway. As she walked into the living room we had her tricycle all together and ready to ride. She was SO excited! She spent the morning riding it around the house (ok getting pushed by Kenny and Lindsey) while I made dough and got prepared for our homemade pizza lunch.

Dantzel, Adam, and the children arrived around 11:30 and the party began:) The pizza turned out perfect and delicious. The cake was a masterpiece (Jada was so excited to see it and eat it), and Jada loved all her gifts.

Best of all, no one had seen Cars 2 (What?!) so for her birthday we all watched it! Not surprisingly, everyone loved it! It's a great movie. (Ok, Dantzel's girls weren't big fan. They are all girl and don't really care of anything "boy") That aside, we had fun laughing and enjoying the movie together.

All in all the day was a success. Jada loved having her cousins to play with and family around. She is one lucky girl! Happy Birthday Miss Jada Monet!

Birthday morning . . . the tricycle:)

 The birthday cake and opening presents

 A few after party photos

The after party

This is what it looks like . . . Michael decided he wanted a few more bites of cake (after telling me he wouldn't eat anymore so I should throw it away) and Jada thought it was pretty awesome to eat out of the trash. Oh Michael . . . 

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