Jada's Trip to the Dentist

Today Jada had her 1st real trip to the Dentist! (She has been once before but doesn't remember it. Plus he just looked at her teeth really quick and called it good. If you can't tell it was not a very impressive visit.) Today she got her teeth checked, brushed and sealed. Best of all, she did AWESOME.

I won't lie, I was VERY impressed by her dentist, Dr. Garza, and his practice, Floss Dentistry. I am sold on Pediatric Dentistry, and this specific dentist.

Jada was a little nervous going in, but as soon as we got in the waiting room she was set at ease. She was so excited by all the toys and fun things, she forgot about being nervous. She happily read a "Mater" book while sitting in the "McQueen" chair and excitedly pointed out all the toys and things she saw.

When it was time to go back, Dr. Garza did a wonderful job talking with her, preparing her, and of course figuring out what would make her less anxious . . . watching her favorite movie, Cars, of course:) She cried a little when he put the chair down (I think it scared her), but was quickly happy again when she realized Cars was playing on the TV above for her to watch! She kept giggling and smiling like crazy, telling Dr. Garza all about Cars and Mater.

She did SO good opening her mouth and getting her teeth checked and cleaned. I was so proud:) To top it all off, she got a "prize" in the end for being so good. (Ok, I'm sure all the children get a prize whether they are good or not:)) Oh Miss Jada, you are the best!

Of course I had to document our experience!

Shortly after realizing Cars was on . . . just for her!

This is one of my favorites . . . Jada AND Tucker happily watching Cars:)

(Notice Tucker STILL watching:))

Picking out her prize!

Jada and Dr. Garza

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