Thanksgiving & Michael's Birthday

For Thanksgiving this year, Michael, Jada, Tucker and I were able to spend the holiday with my brother Rhet and his family, as well as my sister, Lindsey, and her husband Kenny, down in Columbus at Rhet's home.

We got to have Michael all to ourselves for 4.5 days straight! It was so nice to have him with us and for him to have a break from working. To top it off, Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday (he loves all the food) and his birthday was the Sunday after!

Thanksgiving was a busy but fun day! We spend the morning and early afternoon preparing our feast:) We each had a few things we were in charge of and let me say, everything turned out AMAZING. Of course, we stuffed ourselves. The remainder of the day was spent relaxing and preparing for Black Friday shopping:)

Rhet and I went out to brave Walmart and Target around 7:30PM. To our surprise, it was the easiest Back Friday shopping trip we have ever been on. Don't get me wrong, there were a TON of people, but everyone was so nice and we got everything we wanted. The sales at Walmart started at 8, and by 8:05 we were checked out and done! We both waiting in line for less than 2 minutes at check out. CRAZY! So, by 8:15 we were on our way to Target. Once again, there were tons of people there. We waiting in a line that wrapped around the building and still got everything we wanted (and more) and were out in no time. I think we made it home by 10! Walmart and Target on Black Friday and home in 2 hours! WHAT?! I know it was unreal, and awesome:)

The rest of the weekend was spent having fun and playing together. One of the fun things we did was take the children to a huge Burger King that has an awesome play structure. Jada loved it, and her cousins were so nice to help her climb up the structure. Jada just loved having her cousins to play with and spoil her!

Another highlight: On Saturday night Rhet and Jessica watched our children so that Michael and I could go on a fun date for his birthday! We had such a wonderful night together! We started the evening off by doing a few returns:), then headed to Ruby Tuesday's for a delicious birthday dinner. After dinner, we headed to the movie theater. After snuggling and watching SkyFall, we ended the evening by going to Chill, the best ice cream place there is. It was so great to have a night to ourselves. No children, no distractions, just Michael and me. It was the best. Thank you SO much Rhet and Jess!

To top off our trip, Jessica and the children decorated the house for Michael's birthday while we were napping:) After church and naps, we had pumpkin pie (his cake) and ice cream and celebrated his special day.

Happy Birthday Michael! We love you SO much.

Unfortunately I forgot to get photos from Thanksgiving day . . . but here are some a few other times:

Burger King

Michael's Birthday Bash!

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