Tucker's 4th & 5th Month

As of today, February 12th, Tucker:
* weights 16lbs 3oz (70th percentile)
* is 27.25 inches long (95th percentile)
* has learned to roll back to front AND front to back
* has started trying to grab whatever I have, for example, pens that I am trying to write with or utensils I am trying to eat with:)
* has learned to sleep NOT swaddled (hooray!)
* enjoys his Bumbo
* has learned to sleep for long period at night. He goes to bed at 7PM and doesn't usually wake up will around 3AM to eat for the first time.
* loves his Momma
* loves being outside
* seems to want to eat "real" food already
* gives kisses
* enjoys grabbing toys and putting everything in this mouth
* still loves his really LONG tongue
* is hard to get to laugh, but is so cute when he does
* still eats every 3 hours
* has been getting better and better about sleeping. We have been working on getting him in a routine and it is working!
* is still a tough baby some days, but is improving
* love watching his sister dance and sing
* loves his play mat
* has a favorite bear and blanket helps him go to sleep
* frequently scratches his face:/ I seriously cut his nails a LEAST once a week but it apparently isn't enough
* has a smile that melts my heart
* is growing so quickly its crazy
* is the cutest boy ever!

Pictures from these past few months . . . 

He loves his play mat

"Um Dad . . . I'm slipping!"

Tucker's first experience with snow

Outtakes from his photo shoot:)
This kid LOVED to show off his long tongue


Poop kid scratches himself all the time.

First time sleeping unswaddled on his own

 Aunt Kate is the best! Thanks for this awesome onesie!

"Sisters" . . . sign

"I'm cute and I know it"


freya said...

he is such a cutie aubry!

and your photography skills never cease to amaze me! :)

Aubry T Jensen said...

you are too kind! thanks freya!