2013 Sewing/Crafting Projects

I decided I should start posting the sewing projects and crafts that I am making this year. More for my own records and so my mom and sisters can see:) But also for your enjoyment as well (all 3 followers I have besides family:)) So, here you go. Expect more each month!

***Special thanks to Candice Munk for teaching me how to make all these cute things (past and future) and to 4H back in the day for teaching me how to sew. Who knew I would actually make clothing other than for 4H one day!

 Lace Top

(unfortunately it's too small . . . but here is the back (pretend the buttons aren't pulling))

 Pillow Case Nightgown


Ruffle Capri Leggings

She insisted on wearing the sunglasses:)

Easter Dress and infant Tie


Yesenia said...

Wow that looks awesome!!!!

Kim said...

Aubry! These are amazing!! You are very talented!

Katie said...

OK, first of all your kids are getting so big I can't believe it. Second, I am so impressed!! I wish I had your sewing skills and ambition!