Happy Easter

This year our family enjoyed a wonderful Easter together. I think this is our first Easter we have experienced alone (meaning no other family besides the 4 of us). Previous years we would head up to my parents and spend the weekend with them. We sure do miss them and miss being with them for the holiday, they let me be a child for as long as I could which I loved (I still got a visit from the Easter bunny up until last year). Sometimes it stinks to grow up:) Anyways, because of this I was forced to plan and execute the holiday fun myself this year.

So this year we made Jada an Easter dress, made Tucker a tie, made them both Easter baskets, prepared for the Easter bunny, taught Jada about Jesus and his life (thanks Ranell for the little flip book!), attended church, and attended a few egg hunts for Jada to enjoy. We even managed to plan and prepare a big honey ham, cheesy potatoes and fresh green bean dinner for Sunday evening. By Sunday night I was feeling pretty good about everything. We did the Easter bunny on Saturday, enjoyed a great sabbath remembering our Savior and trying to teach Jada more about Christ and his life, and ended the night with a delicious meal. What more could I have done? Oh yeah, maybe have dyed Easter eggs with Jada! That's right . . . I forgot it all together. One of the biggest Easter traditions was forgotten. Oops, better luck next year. No one is perfect, right?!

Anyways, we loved spending the weekend together. It is so wonderful to have Michael home again. We just love him.

Our Easter family photos (continuing the tradition)

The Festivities:
This year lucky little Jada got to participate in 4 Easter egg hunts, and she loved it. She learned quickly that more eggs = more candy:)

Easter Baskets: made specially for Jada and Tucker

Tucker's first Easter!


Brittany Lewis said...

you guys are so cute! i can't believe you made jada's dress--it's adorable! looks like you guys had a great weekend. isn't it fun planning and preparing for holidays?

Michael said...

Thanks for making the holiday simply amazing! It was a wonderful weekend.