Tucker's 6th Month

Tucker is growing so quickly, as all babies do:) It is always bittersweet for me. I can honestly say that I am enjoying this stage very much. He is for the most part a happy baby who loves his family. I enjoy watching him as he learns to use his hands and fingers and as he experiences different tastes and textures. Oh to be a carefree baby!

As of March 31st (yes I realize this is more like 6 1/2 months), Tucker:
* weights 18 lbs 7 oz (70th percentile)
* is 28 1/4 inches long (92nd percentile)
* had his first solids. It took us a few goes to get him eating rice cereal, but we finally did it. (He didn't like it thin) He loves the cereal and has enjoyed all the fruits and veggies he has tried so far
* is still working on sleeping through the night without eating and without waking up and crying for periods each night
* has attached to a blanket and needs it to sleep (just like his sister)
* loves his exersaucer and playing with toys
* still LOVES his tongue and can often be found with it hanging out . . . as far as he can get it
* smiles every time he sees his Momma
* went to Disneyland for the first time and did awesome!
* has started "talking" when he plays and can be found saying dadadda, bababa, and gagagag sounds
* always gives Jada a huge smile every morning when she comes with me to get him out of bed
* flew from GA to CA and did pretty great
* likes to be tickled
* loves his car seat and is such a great traveler in the car. As long as he is not hungry, he is happy
* still enjoys being outside
* is currently working on sitting up and crawling. He is close to sitting on his own; as for the crawling . . . we are getting there
* celebrated his first Easter
* wants to eat everything we have. He has started getting very upset if we don't let him try what we are eating. I'm not gunna lie, it was only cute the first few times.
* has beautiful big blue eyes
* is happy and smiles most of the time (which used to not be the case)
* was adored by many people in CA who kept telling him how much they loved him (I don't think there are many babies in the LA/Beverly Hills area . . . Tucker got a lot of attention)
* is getting better and better at getting small food (like Cheerios) into his mouth
* loves to play on his belly
* still is pretty bald. He has hair but it's light and not in a hurry to grow
* passes objects back and forth from one hand to another
* loves to eat . . . a lot
* tried ice cream for the first time (don't worry it was barely a taste)
* is a drool monster
* goes to bed every night at 6:30 (so nice!)
* has an adorable laugh
* apparently has a perfectly shaped head, so I have been told on multiple occasions by random people
* is our little man

A few outtakes from his photo shoot

He always has to stick that tongue out!

 Tucker's 1st Easter

 Tucker at his 6 month check up

Looking out for her baby brother . . . prepping him for the shots he is about to get

 Tucker's 1st successful rice cereal feeding

Fun in Augusta

 Tucker's 1st exersaucer experience . . . he loved it!


Jada gave Tucker an A+, I guess she really does love him

Tucker and his girlfriend Annie:)

Tucker's first trip to Disneyland!

Webchatting with Daddy while partying in CA with some See's

We just adore out little guy. He has been a challenge (and still is at times, especially nights) but we are so grateful to have him in our lives and family. We love you Tucker!!!

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