Tucker's 7th Month

I know it seems like only yesterday that I posted Tucker's 6th month photos and information (because it practically was; I was and am a bit behind) but oh well! Our little baby is growing up! In so many ways he is still a little baby, while at the same time I feel like he isn't a baby anymore. Weird how that's possible.

As of April 14th, Tucker:
* weights 19.5 pounds
* is 28.75 inches long
* can sit up on his own (for short periods of time) We are working on teaching him to balance and last longer. Today he managed to sit for pictures on his own for 5-10 minutes in a chair!
* has gotten up on his knees 3-4 times
* loves to eat and wants to eat EVERYTHING we eat
* still wishes he could be held all day every day
* likes his binkie . . . not to suck on, but to chew on
* is a mover and doesn't stay in one place. If you put him on the floor he manages to turn every direction and often ends up far from where he started
* has army crawled a few times
* can drink from a straw
* has finally started using his high chair (we had to wait until he could sit on his own for longer periods)
* usually has his arms out
* still doesn't sleep well consistently at night (Some nights he does amazing and sleep from 6:30PM-6:15AM, eats, then goes back to sleep until 8. While other nights he wakes up multiple times and cries for anywhere from 5-75 minutes. Yes 75 minutes. Don't judge, we have to let him just cry it out on his own, there is no other option for Mr.T trust me we have tried everything)
* loves his feet
* is finally getting better about being babysat at the gym while I work out. The first few times he screamed for so long they had to come get me
* loves Cheerios
* thinks his new sippy cup is pretty awesome. Especially for spitting water all over himself
* has started to want to nurse more and more often (as in more than every 3 hours) but only if I am holding him. If Michael or anyone else is, he is fine and good to go. But if he see's Mom he automatically thinks it's time to eat. This is often VERY frustrating especially when we are out and about and he gets really upset that I won't
* can often be found laughing at Jada in his carseat in the backseat. She LOVES to make him laugh as much as she can. It's one of my favorite things to listen to. My two kiddo's laughing back and forth
* still has no teeth
* is starting to get more hair, though you may not be able to tell:)
* doesn't like green beans
* loves to be tickled
* loves the GO-GO SQUEEZE applesauce pouches and does an awesome job eating them. He doesn't even make a mess. They are a lifesaver!!
* gets cuter and cuter by the day

Photo's of our little buddy
(sorry I am not very good at narrowing it down . . . if you don't want to see an overload of pictures, don't look:) What can I say, I love his cute face!)

"What's up, man?"

Tucker's first snacks in his high chair


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