2013 Sewing/Craft Projects continues . . .

After months of stressing/putting them off/making mistakes as I was sewing that made me put them off even more, Jada's ruffle curtains for her bedroom are finally complete! I originally wanted to do 4 panels and prepared the backing and ruffles for 4, but after completing 2 panels and seeing how big they were already, I decided 2 panels was perfect!

Best of all, they look SO great in her room! I should have just made these back in January when I originally planned to. I just love them. Another added plus is that they make her bird mobile look even better. I made Jada the bird mobile back in January/February and hung it, but it just looked out of place in front of her old curtains (hence why I had not posted any pictures of it). Now it looks like it belongs and looks awesome. It's days like today where I get to soak up the "perfection" of the projects I have spent hours on that make it all worth it! Jada refers to them as her "special curtains":) (Please note: by "perfection" I do not mean flawless, but rather "perfect" in her cute bedroom. Trust me, they have flaws.)

This picture just makes me smile. Panel #1 with her bird mobile

Panel #2

Jada's Bird Mobile

A few close ups of the birds

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