California Vacation: Part 4 of 4

Day 15: (Wednesday, February 27th) VISITING POPPI AT WORK & SHOPPING

  After our last two busy/fun days, we decided to take it easy and not do too much today. We made sure Jada and Tucker got their usual naps in the morning and afternoon, played around the house, and took some baths/showers. I even managed to sneak in a nap myself while the kids were down (after watching some of the Oscars):) It was much needed.

  Around 2, we headed over to the institute to visit Poppi, bake bread, and grab a late lunch. This time we tried El Pollo Loco. My parents had never been and it looked like a quick and tasty place to try. I thought it was pretty good. Not really anything amazing, but it wasn't bad. After dinner Poppi walked with us to Target then had to head back to the institute to teach his class while we did a little shopping. A few bucks later we headed home and put the kids down for the night.

  While Jada and Tucker slept my mom and I watched some Psych then headed to bed ourselves.

Day 16: (Thursday) MARIE & PINKBERRY

  My Dad was able to come home early today and was nice enough to watch Jada and Tucker so that my mom and I could go to a taping of The Marie Show (Marie Osmond that is). What to say about it . . . ? The people she interviewed were both interesting and fun to hear about, and it was nice to have a break from the kids and have some one-on-one time with my mom, but we both would agree that it was not our favorite day and we probably wouldn't pick it again. In a nut shell, you are there to clap, hoot and holler. The cameras are in front of you nearly the entire time, you are supposed to keep looking forward and pretend that you can see, cameras are on you all the time so you have to pretend to be interested when you can't see a thing and sometimes don't really know whats going on, and probably my least favorite thing . . . you had to constantly be clapping and yelling. It.Gets.Old. By the end I had a headache and never wanted to cheer again. It was interesting to see how it was all done, but that was about it. The most entertaining part of the day was probably talking with a few of Marie's avid fans who come to her show frequently.

  After the show we stopped at the Mall for some Pinkberry. This time they had a new flavor that I decided to try, Chocolate Hazelnut, and boy am I glad I did. IT IS AMAZING! I LOVED it. Every last drop. Oh, I want some right now:) We also stopped in to See's then headed home.

Day 17: (Friday) RELAXING

  Today we took it easy. My mom gave Jada an awesome Cars Memory game so we spent a bunch of time playing that with her. This was her first memory game experience and I must say, she did better than I expected. She was and is amazing at it!

  Later that evening we went for a walk down Santa Monica Blvd to the grocery store and got us a little exercise. We all enjoyed the fresh air and evening stroll.


  I still regret not taking more pictures from the Fashion District. I can't believe I forgot! (As you can probably tell, my picture taking started to die down towards the end of our trip. I started forgetting my camera or just was too busy to remember to actually take some.)

  Saturday morning we left Jada and Tucker with my dad, and my mom and I headed to LA to check out the Fashion District. We had heard lots of good things about it and wanted to see for ourselves. It was FABULOUS! I went a little nuts. I ended up getting Michael 2 suits and a pair of shoes, Jada 5 pairs of shoes and some socks, 2 skirts, a shirt, and a pair of shoes for myself, and poor Tucker only got a pack of socks:) I love a good deal and loved that I got lots of them! My mom also got a street taco to try which was amazing as well. I wish I could live in CA just for the food and shopping! Though if we lived in CA we would have no money for food or shopping . . . bummer.

  After a few hours in the district, we headed home. Later that afternoon we went for a stroll around the neighborhoods behind my parents house. I couldn't believe all the ginormous and grand homes. I love that they are all unique and beautiful. Every yard is well kept and no home is just a plain boring house. They are all huge with fancy trims and eloquent fixtures. It boggles my mind how people can have so much money. I just can't even fathom it. While on our walk we walked by Simon Cowell, Barbara Streisand, the CEO of Dreamworks, and Larry King's homes (at least those are the ones we KNEW we were walking passed, who knows who lives in all the other 40+ homes we passed) Mind blowing.

  After a yummy dinner my mom and I went to pick up some Pinkberry one more time so that I could have the yummy Chocolate Hazelnut again and so my dad could try it as well. Yum.

Not a great shot, but the only one I got from the Fashion District in LA

I found this sweet shop while out and about

A few blocks behind my parents house, Simon Cowell's house

Day 19: (Sunday) CHURCH & WEBCHAT

  This Sunday went much better than the previous one. Jada wasn't too hyper and I managed to make it through all the meeting without having to leave.

  We spent a fun afternoon playing around the house, webchatting with family, and enjoying each other. Tucker had fun playing with his reflection in the mirror; Jada had fun trying on the fedora that we bought for Michael; and we all had fun sitting on the porch and people watching:)

Jada trying on Daddy's hat we got him

Webchatting with Daddy


  Since our Fashion District run on Saturday went so well, we decided to try it again; this time with some requests from family. We got my brother-in-law a suit, Michael some dress shoes, and a few other random small finds. This time around Jada and Tucker were able to come along which made for a different experience. Haha. They did great though and stayed happy.

  We completed our outing by getting some Pad Thai from Natalie's Thai (a restaurant recommended to us because of their Pad Thai). Since Michael and I left Utah, we had yet to find a good place here in GA that has amazing Pad Thai so I was craving some good Pad Thai. Michael and I were disappointed by the 2 places we have tried here so far so I really was hoping for Natalie's to be as good as people said. Lucky for me, it was. It wasn't as amazing as Bangkok Grill in Orem, Utah, but it was up there. (Side note: we have finally found a place near us in GA that has great Pad Thai, we also have mastered some homemade Pad Thai so we are set for life:)) Back to Natalie's . . . it was well worth it.

  After lunch, my dad and I headed back to Hollywood to do a walking tour. (When we did the Starline Tour we got a package deal). We were able to see inside the Grauman Theater and learned all about the history of Hollywood and many of its first stars and celebrities. It was all so interesting and fun to learn about. If any of you are ever in Hollywood and have the time, I highly recommend buying Starline's package that includes the walking tour and celebrity homes tour. I would do it again:)

  For our last evening in California we webchatted with Michael (since he would not be home when we got home) and watched Once Upon A Time. It was perfect.

The ceiling in the Grauman

Harry Potter out of Jelly Beans!

Day 21: (Tuesday)  FLYING HOME

  Tuesday morning was spent packing like crazy:) Our flight left LA at noon, so I woke up bright and early (6am) thanks to Tucker, to get ready for our day. For breakfast we went across the street to try La Conversation, a little cafe directly across the street from my parents house. Overall, it wasn't very impressive, but they did have some yummy muffins and it was fun to see.

  The flight home did not go as well as our flight out, but it could have been worse. A few highlights: Jada was so excited in the airport to get onto the plane that she kept saying, "Come on, mommy" while trying to take me to the door. She wasn't very thrilled that we had to wait. I tried to get her mind off of it by having her play with Tucker. Jada and I got Tucker laughing pretty hard by "driving" McQueen towards him then saying, "Ka-chow!" Both he and Jada thought it was hilarious. It was pretty awesome. If I can figure out how, I will upload the video for your viewing pleasure.

  When it was finally time to board we got in line and made our way to the ticket counter. I gave the gentlemen our ticket and proceeded down the jet way. A few seconds down I heard people laughing and turn around to find Jada running towards me with a shy but elated smile on her face. Apparently she took the penny that my mom had given her out of her pocket and gave it to the gentlemen at the gate. What a cutie:) He tried to give it back but she refused. Guess she really thought he needed it more than her.

  Another highlight: there was so much turbulance on the plane that during the entire 4.5 hour flight we only had about 30 minutes of "if it safe to unfasen your seatbelt time". What did that mean for me you may ask? It meant an unhappy baby who was overtired and needed to be bounced to sleep but couldn't be, and a toddler who was unable to get a diaper change so she soaked through her diaper and pants . . . bad. So poor Jada had to go pants-less for the last hour or so of the flight and all through the airport. What can ya do?!

  My friend Candice was nice enough to come pick us up at the airport and even parked and came in to help. Good thing because we never would have made it out to the curb. Thank you Candice! By the time we got home it was time for bed. Jada and Tucker were exhausted and so was I. We all quickly went to bed.

Saying goodbye to Maimi and Poppi

My LA To Do List all completed

On our way to the airport

Excited for take off

Reading the manual

Jada exiting the plane . . . pants-less

Excited to be home:)

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