Jada at 30 Months (2.5 years)

Oh Miss Jada! I can't get enough of my "Little Bug". Jada has been learning a ton these past few months. I don't think I can call her my little girl any more. She surprises me daily with all the things she knows and does. She picks up on things quickly and enjoys learning new things. She loves playing with friends and interacting with others. She is still a little shy when other people that she doesn't know really well address her specifically, but is slowly getting better at looking up and talking to them. Jada is a big help with Tucker and for the most part a happy, well behaved girl:)

As of June 3rd, Jada:
* is completely potty trained and has been for a few weeks. She even manages to keep her underwear dry at night and during naps!
* knows and recognizes all of her letters and the sounds that they make
* weights 33 lbs
* likes to say, "What's that!?" "What else do you have?", and "What happened!?"
* loves playing with her "Cars" more then any other toy she owns and plays with them daily
* still wears her headbands and keeps them in her hair:)
* finally has hair long enough to put in pigtails
* can count to 16 on her own
* recognizes numbers 1-9
* loves to wave at anyone and everyone and often randomly says hello to them
* still loves the water and taking baths, she especially loves it when Tucker gets to take one with her
* loves to read books and enjoys looking at them regularly on her own
* "read" aloud to herself her first book (Gossie:)
* has crazy curly hair in this humid climate, including lots of cute ringlets
* says prayers all by herself
* calls her Dad "Spiderman" because he kills any spiders we see in our house
* loves, Loves, LOVES her Daddy
* loves playing with Tucker and loves to make him laugh
* can often be found saying, "That's cool" and "That's awesome!" in response to numerous things

* got to visit Disney California Adventures in February and saw Cars Land and A Bugs Land as well as many others
* tried gum for the 1st time last month and managed to not swallow it like instructed
* loves to sing and enjoys singing to herself throughout the day. Some of her favorite songs to sing are, "ABCs", "Elmo's song", "I Love to See The Temple", "Ring Around the Rosie", and "Winnie the Pooh".
* loves "Car's" and "Car's 2" more then any other movies
* has lots of adorable freckles on her cheeks and face
* has the cutest smile
* yells "Green Elephant!" and "Geico!" every time we see their billboards as we get close to our neighborhood
* has gotten all but 1 of her 2 year old molars in
* sleeps in a big girl bed and has been doing great. She never gets out of bed during nap time or at night. When she wakes up from sleeping she yells "MommyDad!" and "I'm awake" over and over until we come and get her out of bed. She never gets out on her own. It's awesome
* has flown on 10 planes in her lifetime
* likes to help Daddy make smoothies in the morning
* has been to Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia, and California each for multiple days, and has driven/flown through many others.
* loves having her cousins come visit and thanks her Heavenly Father for them every night
* got her teeth cleaned at the dentist for the first time
* loves to help Daddy in the garden
* LOVES to splash in puddles
* has McQueen, Mater and Finn underwear
* enjoys coloring, painting, drawing, etc
* makes sure that Daddy kisses and hugs everyone in the house before going to work
* is an excellent sharer
* loves to talk on the phone, especially to Maimi
* is a great big sister and tries to make Tucker happy when he is upset
* shares anything she eats with Tucker
* loves iPhone's, iPad's, iMac's . . . anything Apple:)
* is still an excellent eater, but has learned to eat slowly and "get distracted" so that she can postpone bedtime. Little stinker
* loves going to the daycare at the gym and loves it even more when we go to the pool at the gym
* loves playing with her friends
* keeps telling me "it's time to go" as I am writing this. Apparently it's time to go to the store:)
* has a new found love for trying on my things (shoes, shirts, bras, etc.)
* loves going shopping with mom
* helps me sing to Tucker when it's time to put him to bed, which he loves
* calls Tucker "Mr." (pronounced Misser), "Buddy", and "Tucker" (Tuter)
* loves trying to get Tucker to "chase" her around the house
* is the perfect little model
* is fun to make clothes for and loves everything I make her
* is still the cutest girl in the world . . .

We love you Jada! Thanks for making us smile every day and being so awesome. You are the best and we are so grateful for. We are so lucky to be your parents:)

Playing on the train on Marietta Square

Watching the train pass with her friends

Trying a famous "Miss Mamie" cupcake (she won Cupcake Wars)

Jada's first swim of the summer

A little fun in the bath

Jada's crazy/awesome hair after she wakes up from her nap

My little model

Jada's new ringlets and curls

Ready for church

This picture is one of my favorites. Makes me smile every time I see it

Playing in the rain in her favorite boots


We love you Jada Bug!!!

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Erin Harris said...

She melts my heart! Hope you all are well! Love you!