Tucker's 8th Month

Our little man is getting big! The older he gets, the happier he is becoming. Tucker is still far from an "easy" baby, but he is getting more and more content as the days go by. I love seeing him happy.

As of May 14th, Tucker . . .
* weights 20 lbs
* has learned to "sniff" like a dog and scrunch his nose. Since he learned the scrunch he likes to do it almost every time he smiles
* says "mamama", "nanana" and "rarararar" but prefers to say "dadada" to Michael:)
* army crawls around the house
* has turned into a little flirt:) The ladies love him
* has tried Chick-fil-A chicken and loved it
* had his first green monster smoothie
* put his arms out for Michael for the first time and later gave him a kiss
* loves loves LOVES his big sister
* goes to bed better if Jada helps me sing him his bedtime songs, he cries if she doesn't
* has learned to blow bubbles in drinks with his straw and thinks its funny
* has gotten on his knees a few times and rocked back and forth
* enjoys fresh avocados and sweet potatoes
* loves bananas
* is starting to have a bit of stranger anxiety
* has stopped sticking out his tongue all the time
* loves taking baths and splashing like crazy
* likes to play the leaning game where he leans like he wants you to take him, then leans for me to take him back right after you do (over and over)
* went to the pool for the first time

We love our little boy and are grateful to have him in our family.

 Tucker in his horse Jumperoo:)

 Tucker's 1st time swimming!!!

He loves his sippy and high chair

My little water baby


More fun at the pool with friends

 Lovin' his bath!

 1st Green Monster

 Father & Son: Today while out to lunch the man helping us said to Michael, "Man, there is no question he is your son! He looks exactly like you." He then turned to me and said, "He got nothing from you." It's true.

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