4th of July Sunday

My friend Candice and I decided to make our girls a 4th of July dress last weekend. After collecting a few ideas from Pinterest, we created our design and went to work. I must say, I think its the best thing I have made thus far. I love it! I whipped up a tie for Mr. T too. We made sure to dress in red, white, and blue for church before the 4th. Michael made multiple comments about wanting a matching tie to Tuckers, maybe next year I will attempt to make matching outfits for the entire family. We shall see.

Our festive family

 Candice's girls, Laura & Annie

Jada & Tucker

Our handsome man :)

Our little stinkers

Happy 4th of July! We are so grateful for our freedoms and for this wonderful country that we live in.

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Amelia Savage said...

I am so impressed with that dress! It is adorable!