Tallahassee & The Gulf (St. George Island)

For the 4th of July holiday this year, we decided to visit some friends in Tallahassee and take a day trip to the Gulf of Mexico. Michael had never been to the gulf, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. We had everything decided. We would spend the 3rd and 4th in Tallahassee, the 5th at Destin, and the morning of the 6th at Wakulla Spring, then would drive home that evening. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as planned.

We spent most of Wednesday driving. We drove for a few hours, took a little break at Walmart for the children, then drove a bunch more in heavy rain. We got into Tallahassee around 3 and drove straight to my old stompin' grounds;) I wanted to show Michael where we lived and my neighborhood so we decided to do that first thing. It was so fun to see my Tallahassee home. I enjoyed telling Michael all about our time there, where my bus stop was, where our friend saw an alligator, who lives in that house, etc.  As soon as we pulled onto McClure Drive I felt at home. It made me miss it. It was fun to reminisce about my time there and all the friends and fun that I had. Michael has now been to every town, neighborhood and home that I have live in throughout my life.

Our Tallahassee home with its ridiculously large palm tree

Firehouse Subs

After a tour of my neighborhood we headed to Firehouse Subs to feed our hunger. We had heard great things about it so we thought we should experience it for ourselves. It was delicious. We loved our sandwiches and the kids loved their free fireman hats and being our of their car seats:) Oh and of course their awesome soda machine with a billion different varieties. After our yummy meal we headed to Southwood to stay with my friend Amelia who I grew up with in Tallahassee.

We had lots of fun things planned for the 4th, but the weather changed everything for the rest of our vacation. We did manage to attend the local parade in Southwood with the kids, which they enjoyed, but as soon as it ended the rain started. We spent most of the remainer of the day indoors chatting while the children played together. Around 4:30 we headed another friend of mine's house for a 4th of July BBQ. We spent the next few hours having a fun time with my friend, Amy, and her family. We got to meet her new baby, Evelyn, and they all got to meet Michael, Jada and Tucker. It was fun to visit and have some delicious food. Tucker LOVED his watermelon:) Bedtime came and went so we hurried back to Amelia's to put the kids to bed. After they were asleep we chatted a bit more then headed to bed ourselves.

Fun at the Parade

My patriotic crew

Sleeping baby

 Tucker going to town on his watermelon

Amy and I

The 5th was not any better weather wise. Our plan was to go to Destin but that got cancelled. Instead we went to the gym, ate some amazing BBQ, napped, went to the pool for a bit between storms, and played. It didn't rain nearly as much as the news anticipated in Tallahassee, but apparently it poured in Destin. We checked the weather that evening and decided we would go to St. George Island the following morning rain or shine. We came to go to the beach and we were going to go!

Fun at the Pool

Amelia's son TJ showing off his swimming skills

Miss Ayla

TJ and Jada had fun taking turns jumping to Michael

Jada & TJ holding hands

The delicious BBQ Place we tried and loved

Saturday morning we hurried and ate, packed up the cars, and headed to the beach. During our 2 hour drive there we went through patches of heavy rain, then patches of sunlight. We kept our fingers crossed that we would hit good weather by the time we got there. Unfortunately we didn't get great weather, but we still had fun playing in the rain, sand, and gulf water. I was a bit disappointed by the beach (the tide was high leaving little beach and there was a TON of seaweed and junk that had been brought in by the storms) but we were happy we got to go anyways. Jada would have gone on for days if we missed it. Thanks Amelia and Trent for being good troopers and coming with us!

After a few hours on the beach we decided to head home. 6 hours later we pulled in the driveway, unloaded, put the kids to bed, unpacked, then went to bed ourselves, exhausted. All in all a wonderful trip despite the weather.

St. George Island, Florida

A big thanks to Amelia and Trent for letting us stay with you and for all the fun, and to Amy and her family for having us over for the 4th. We loved it all.

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Amelia Savage said...

Aubry!! I am just not seeing your post! We had such a blast with you guys here in Tallahassee and hope yall will come back and visit again soon :) Hopefully next time the weather will be better and we can go to Destin! Thanks for taking the pictures, you are so very talented :)