Tucker's 9th & 10th Month

As of June 14th, 2013, Tucker:
  * weighs 20 pounds 5 ounces (50th percentile)
  * is 30.5 inches long (95th percentile)
  * loves dumping the duplo's out of their bin and spreading them all over the floor (thank you Jada)
  * has mastered the army crawl
  * knows his name and responds to it
  * has switched over to big boy baths
  * really loves his dadd
  * loves drinking out of straws and sippy cups
  * knows that "dada" is Daddy not just a sound
  * loves chasing Jada around the house
  * loves balls and chasing balls
  * had a horrible week of fevers and "teething" with 6 coming in (4 on top and 2 on the bottom) . . . but none actually cut through, poor guy
  * has learned to sit himself up
  * has learned to shake his head "no"
  * loves baby cereals
  * must have anything we eat
  * loves his jumperoo
  * loves to take the DVDs off their shelves
  * loves touch and feel books

Tucker's 9th Month Photos

Tucker is so lucky his sister loves to share with him

My handsome young man

Tucker after a lot of splashing

My little cuties

Tucker's 1st time walking with Daddy

One happy boy

Tucker's 1st Big Boy Bath

How can you not smile at that face!?

Crazy Momma

Lovin' his bath

Oh Tucker (its McQueen he see's)

Tucker's new bibs that I made him

Tucker doing his "sniff"

iPhone Photos from both months

 Tucker loved National Doughnut Day

They love their baths in the sink

Tucker's 9 month check up

Firehouse Subs

Sleeping on the 4th

Outtakes from Tucker's 9th Month photo shoot:
the many faces of Mr. T


Tucker's 10th Month

 As of July 14th, 2013, Tucker:
  * pulls up on everything and loves to stand as much as possible
  * went to the Gulf of Mexico for the 1st time
  * still loves his Momma to hold him as much as possible
  * has an adorable laugh
  * got his 1st tooth (bottom left) and is so close to getting his second bottom tooth
  * has learned to blow raspberries
  * has the best big sister who gives Tucker a taste of anything she eats
  * loves to shake his head "no" when he doesn't want the food I am feeding him
  * said his first word . . . Jesus!
  * went to the Georgia Aquarium for the 1st time
  * is a good snuggler (ever since his week of teething and fevers)
  * loves Jesus and gets excited when he sees a picture of him
  * occasionally gets onto his knees, but isn't showing any signs of switching to a "normal" crawl.
  * has learned to shake his head "yes"
  * learned to wave
  * has started getting into more and more things
  * is sleeping better and more regularly
  * learned to crawl up stairs while in Tallahassee
  * says "mama" and knows its me
  * loves munching on whole peaches, nectarines and anything else he can get his hands on
  * has the best grin
  * is much happier these days
  * loves to smack his lips after eating
  * flirts with his adoring fans when out and about
  * prefers to feed himself and likes to put food in and pull it out of his mouth over and over as he eats
  * adores his big sister more than anything and laughs with her often
  * likes to hold Jada's hand in the car
  * is very ticklish
  * got a bedroom makeover and now has a cute blue and green ocean themed nursery
  * is slowly beginning to walk along furniture
  * learned to give "High 5's"

Tuckers 10th Month Photos

Tucker's first time to the Gulf of Mexico (St. George Island)

Fun at the Georgia Aquarium

My little stud

I just love my miniature Michael

Tucker's first 4th of July, enjoying the Parade

Chowin' down

 Makeshift double stroller

Showing off his standing skills

Standing up in his car seat

 Jada showing Tucker some love at Costco. People kept commenting on how cute she was "hugging her baby brother" and she was loving it.

Worn out after the beach


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That is a really good looking baby, Aubry!! I had so much fun meeting him last month :)