Tucker's 11th Month

Our little boy is turning into a toddler! I can't believe how quickly he is learning and growing. I feel like it was just last week that I was holding him all day and not getting any sleep. Tucker continues to surprise us day after day. He has already said a few words and is getting so close to walking. I am excited to plan a fun first birthday celebration.

As of August 14th, Tucker:
* learned to sign "more"
* has 5 teeth (he cut 4 this month)!
* got his first 3 freckles
* has started dancing to music
* loves dumping out the Lego bucket over and over
* is known as "Tornado Tucker" by myself. He loves making one mess after another
* has learned to walk along furniture
* loves grapes and go go squeezes
* has taken 3 steps on his own!
* learned to click his tongue
* is sleeping well (bed at 6:30PM, eat at 5, up between 7:30-8:30AM)
* loves to play cars with Jada
* has switched to crawling "normally" more regularly
* loves to walk around using his walker
* has learned to clap
* said more
* successfully chased a huge cockroach and caught it (eeewwwww)
* learned to walk only holding 1 of our hands
* loves giving kisses to Mom and Dad spontaneously
* said Mom and Dad
* has started to really enjoy playing on his own and is doing a great job entertain himself
* loves loves loves to play with his sister
* loves playing with the magnets on the fridge
* likes to crawl into the pantry and take everything off the shelf
* is doing much better about taking decent regular naps
* loves to smile at people and wave hello or goodbye
* loves to cuddle and randomly snuggles me during the day
* is very ticklish and easy to make laugh

Pictures from this month:

Tucker showing off his walking skills

Outtakes from his 11 month photo shoot

Attempting this "fish face" (I still have yet to get a picture of it)

Uncle Ryan and Tucker

Dinner with Annie

Family Dogpile

Jada took Tucker on his first tricycle ride. He loved it!

Tucker and his Poppi

Learning to Wave

Tucker with his Maimi & Poppi
Eating his first Oreo

 Fun with Sister at the Dentist

Tucker getting his first shoulder ride

Snuggling my teething baby

Goggle Boy

 Our walking stud

We love you Mr. T!

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Brittany Lewis said...

Tucker is so cute! I can't believe he's almost 1 already. Also, I love Jada's curls!