We were lucky enough to have my mom (Maimi), dad (Poppi), and little brother (Ryan) come visit Georgia for a few weeks. My little brother finished his 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on July 14th. A week later my parents and he  started visiting all of the family one at a time.

We loved having them come visit and enjoyed getting together with my siblings as well. I love it when lots of us can get together. Family time is just the best!

While they were here, we celebrated my big brother's birthday in Columbus, visited the World of Coke, played games, talked, started a 2000 piece puzzle and most of all just enjoyed one another. I love my family.

My mom and brother were able to stay an extra week (to help my sister who had a baby while they were visiting) so we were able to have Ryan come visit us for a few extra days. It was fun to have time with him and for the kids to have one on one time with their uncle. We loved it.

A little out of order, but oh well.
Pictures from their visit

(Jada was happy . . . just sick as it turns out. She refused to take her glasses off:))

Saying goodbye

Chillin' in Columbus

Jada randomly went upstairs to play in the bonus room by herself. We went up to check on her and found her asleep on the couch. Apparently she was pretty tired. This was definitely a first, she has never put herself to bed.

Tucker's 1st Oreo

Celebrating Rhet's birthday

The World of Coke

My favorite part

Everyone else's favorite part: the Coke tasting

Tucker's 1st shoulder ride

After our stroller ride back to the car, Jada was a bit out of sorts . . . can you tell she is exhausted. Hahaha

Fun with Uncle Ryan

We miss our visitors!

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