Carving Pumpkins

Last Sunday we invited some friends of ours, Katelyn and Trevor Phillips, over for dinner and to carve pumpkins with us for Halloween. After a delicious pizza dinner, we started the carving. I am bummed that I failed to take any pictures of us while we were carving. I guess I was just so into getting mine done that I forgot to document the fun. Jada even got to stay up for awhile and helped decide what she wanted me to do on hers. She was even daring enough to help me clean out the inside of her baby pumpkin. She wasn't a fan of the slime, but she took a few handfuls out nonetheless.

A while later, our masterpieces were complete. Well, all except Michael's. His took him a little longer then the rest of ours (he was trying to multitask) so we had to have 2 separate photo sessions. One with the Phillips and my finished pumpkins, and another with just our family's.

I forgot how fun carving is! Last year we didn't do it because we had newborn Tucker who wore us all out, so it had been 2 years! We missed our old carving buddies, the Jordan's, who started our tradition with us, but it is always good to make new friends. Thanks Trevor and Katelyn for joining us this year, it was awesome!

The Phillips and their pumpkin

Mine and Jada's pumpkin

The first batch

Trevor and Katelyn . . .

 . . . and baby boy due in January

Michael with his awesome pumpkin

The Jensen line up this year

Oh Miss Jada, you are awesome

Tucker and Jada both love to take the tops off the pumpkins. Thanks for the cute shirt Gramma J.

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