State Fair and Radio Flyer

Two Saturdays in a row our little clan hit up the Georgia State Fair that came to town. They had a free hour both Saturdays where admission and rides were all free, so we took advantage. Honestly, it was so much fun!

The first Saturday was a rainy one. It rained all day, but we decided to go to the fair anyways. Turns out that rainy days are the BEST days to go to the fair. No one was there which meant tons of rides for Jada. She walked right on any ride she wanted and loved every minute. On a few rides she was the only one on them so they let her go around and around until she showed signed of getting tired of it. It was the bomb. I thought Jada would be miserable in the rain, but she didn't mind it at all and l took advantage of her time. Tucker enjoyed being carried around and taking in the scene. I was unable to take my camera due to all the rain, but I wish I could have. I got a few on my phone, but we all know how awesome those are.

The following Saturday was a perfect sunny day. There were a lot more people, but it was still fun and worth the trip. Jada went on her favorite rides again, and Tucker even joined her on one too! (I didn't realize until the very end that he was tall enough to ride a few of them, my bad.) I was also able to go on the swings myself which brought back fun memories of Lagoon in Utah. We had fun riding rides, seeing friends, visiting the petting zoo, and sharing a funnel cake and nachos. Delicious. All in all, a wonderful day as a family.

Our exciting day at the fair!

The Train

The Boats

My man

More boats


The "Apple" Ride

and More Boats with Tucker

Me and my Little Man, supporting BYU

Jada cracks me up sometimes

 My Boys

The Petting Zoo 

Wagon Rides

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