Tucker's 12th Month

Tucker is 12 months old! I have been working and planning out this picture in my mind for months. It isn't perfect, but I still love it.

I can't believe it has been a year since I held my purple brused-faced little boy for the first time. Oh what fun memories . . . waiting all day for the call, finally driving from Syracuse to the American Fork Hospital, experiencing labor (not fun), getting an epidural and immediately after, feeling the need to push, then waiting 40 minutes to push for my photographer to get there . . . good times. Best of all, holding our precious little baby on my chest for the first 45+ minutes for his life. It was one wonderful day.

Tucker is getting more and more fun every day. While there are still difficult things about him, the good outweigh the bad. I love watching him walk all over the house discovering new fun things to get into every day. I love listening to he and Jada in the next room laughing and playing together, melts my heart. I love that he can point to things and let us know what he wants, and best of all, I love that he sleeps through the night completely, 6:30PM-7:15AM baby!!! It's about time.

As of September 14th, Tucker:
* is 31 inches tall, just tall enough to ride a few of the State Fair rides for the 1st time:)
* weights 23lbs 9oz
* loves waving goodbye to Michael when he leaves for work
* learned to walk
* LOVES LOVES LOVES balloons. I filled his room with balloons for his birthday and he loves playing in them every day, still
* went to the Children's Museum of Atlanta for the first time and loved it
* has learned to whistle
* likes playing with Jada's tool bench and eating the chalk from her chalkboard
* learned to snap
* still loves to say "Jesus" when he looks at his picture on our wall
* LOVES bananas
* got his 6th and 7th tooth
* loves to drink from normal cups and does a decent job 50% of the time
* learned to point and now points at everything he wants
* says "Jada"!
* learned to get off the couch by himself
* loves walking around the house and making messes everywhere he can
* loves to eat and would eat all day long if I let him
* loves bubbles
* enjoys getting his teeth brushed
* loves anything sugar
* has learned to fake laugh, its pretty hilarious
* enjoys taking all the DVDs off the shelf
* loves playing with Jada and their "thomas trains" that I got from the thrift store (seriously one of the my best buys EVER)
* loves his Daddy
* loves giving Dad and Mom kisses and snuggling
* goes to sleep/bed without a fuss if Dad puts him to bed
* loves his family
* is the cutest little guy I know!

Happy Birthday Mr. T, you are seriously the cutest.

Fun outtakes from his 12 month photoshoot

 Tucker and his "crazy eyes" look

My little mechanic. BEST. OUTFIT. EVER.

Shopping with Mom

Family Photos: Tucker

That's all folks.

P.S. I LOVE being a photographer. Also, thank you Tiffani for 2 of my most favorite outfits:)

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