Halloween 2013

WARNING: Photo Overload:)

This Halloween was the best the Jensen family has had to date.

We started off the festivities with our ward Trunk-or-Treat activity the Saturday before Halloween, which was great. Jada and Tucker loved walking around collecting candy, and we had fun passing out ours and seeing all the adorable kids in their costumes. Lucky for us, my sister, Lindsey, and her husband, Kenny, were able to come for the weekend and joined us for the activity. They even joined our family's Snow White theme, which was awesome. Jada went as Snow White (which she picked this year), Tucker as her Prince, Michael as Doc (or High Ho with glasses as Jada refers to him), Lindsey as Sleepy, Kenny as Grumpy, and I went as Dopey. I had fun making all the costumes and was really happy with how they turned out. All in all a big success.

On Halloween day, Jada was invited to a little Halloween party with her friends, so I dresses us all in our Halloween attire and we went to that in the morning. Jada loved being with friends, decorating cupcakes, playing games, and playing outside. She was a bit scared of the neighbor's cat, but eventually got over her fear and joined the other children outside for some fun. Tucker loved being outside, eating dirt, playing in their vegetable garden, and playing with Annie. It was the perfect little party.

That evening Michael was able to come home early to join us in the fun. We started the evening off with some mummified hot dogs, veggies and fruit, then quickly got into our costumes and headed over to join some friends in their neighborhood. It was so fun to take the kids trick-or-treating. I loved watching them all together and loved taking Tucker and Jada to ever door. We started around 6:15 and by 7 our friends were ready to be done. Lucky for me (because we all know I wasn't ready) a friend of mine and her boys wanted to keep going so we went together for another hour or so. Jada and Tucker were loving it the whole time. We loved trick-or-treating and loved the neighborhood. We know where we will go next year! Our neighborhood is lame when it comes to Halloween, but this one was perfect. Nearly everyone answered their door and gave out great candy. They even got a few full size candy bars. One man was giving out full size candy bars to the adults and then a handful of smaller stuff to the kids. That's what I call a JACKPOT.

After finishing our trick-or-treating, we went back to our friends house and the kids played for awhile while the adults talked. When it started getting too late we all called it a night and headed home. On our way we stopped by a local restaurant and entered their costume contest. We are 1 of 7 finalists . . . it would be sweet to win. We will see:)

And now for the pictures:

Snow White

 Her Prince

 Snow White with her Prince

 Our friends the Pirates before heading to Trunk-or-Treat:)

Trunk-or-Treat fun

Jada's Halloween party with friends

Getting ready for Trick-or-Treating

The Gang

not sharp, but cute

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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