Jada's Birthday and 2nd McQueen Party

Our little Jada was seriously spoiled this year for her birthday. I told Michael it was only fitting for her to have 3 parties since it was her golden birthday:) She turned 3 on the 3rd.

On her actual birthday we played at home, went to her 3 year old doctor appointment, had lunch at Chick-fil-A, took naps, then Daddy brought home pizza for dinner. Per Jada's request:) What more could a girl want. Oh, and we ended the day with a birthday doughnut.

The Friday following her birthday we had her 3rd and final birthday celebration. We invited Jada's cousins and lots of her little friends for a McQueen party. Luckily for me, Michael was able to be home to help, and my sister, Lindsey and her husband, Kenny were able to come help too! I am sure glad I had so much help because we had a full house. Jada had 16 friends and cousins come! We had so much fun and loved every minute. It was a bit crazy over here, but crazy fun. The games were a hit ("Pin the Headlight on Mater", a bean bag toss, and car racing) and so were the cupcakes and food.

Jada love love loved it. She was so excited to have all her friends here. She was so cute when it came time to open her presents. When she was handed her first one she looked up at me with a surprised look and said, "For me!?". Jada was so nice and offered to let her friends open her gifts for her. She was so surprised and excited that they were all for her. Like I said, she was spoiled.

The Food

Getting ready for her friends to arrive

 Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures of the games being played because I was busy helping the kids play the games . . . but here are pictures of the cupcake eating:)

This is the race track that I made for her party. I didn't get any pictures of it in action at the party, but Jada and Tucker have sure loved using it since!

I loved planning her party and putting it on for her. It was so fun to have all her friends and some of her cousins here, and fun to prepare and play some McQueen games.

Thank you to everyone who came and made her day special, and for everyone who helped make it possible!

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