Grandma's 100th Birthday!

Also during the month of December, the kids and I were able to fly to Utah to visit friends and celebrate my Grandma's 100th Birthday!

Unfortunately our trip was cut 2 days short due to our flight out being cancelled and having to wait another 2 days to get another one. After much stress and frustration, on Wednesday the 11th, we finally made it to Utah. Because we lost a few days we were not able to spend as much time as we wanted with some friends and didn't make it to see others. I am so sorry to those of you we didn't get to see. We didn't have a car of our own and with 2 less days, timing was tight. We love you, next time!

Between Wednesday and Friday afternoon, we were able to visit our dear friends, Jenna and Claire Mount, for a few hours, spent a few days with Kate, Penny and Cody in Saratoga Springs, and got to spend one evening with my sister-in-law Becca. We attempted to go out and have some fun with the kids, but none of them were cooperative so our outings were often cut short or didn't happen all together. We had fun playing around the house instead. One morning I did managed to make it to BYU (alone, Thanks Kate!), which was awesome. I love BYU and its campus. It was fun to see all the changes and to get a few yummy treats and souvenirs.

Oh I love Utah! This is the view from the Mount's sun-room.

Tucker & Penny

 Aunt Becca

On Friday we met Becca for lunch and for some shopping at Costco. Jada was so happy to get to see her again. She loves her Aunt Becca. Later in the afternoon, we met my Dad in Salt Lake, said goodbye to Kate & Penny, and went with my dad to join the family. We went straight from Salt Lake to Maddox near Brigham City to meet my mom, Ryan, and sister, Tiffani, and to have a delicious dinner. Tiff and I shared a yummy steak! Oh man it was delicious. After dinner we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's where we would stay for the rest of our trip.
Waiting for Poppi to come pick us up

Tucker was Poppi's buddy right off the bat

(Tucker said "cheese" for the first time on our flight out to Utah. Now whenever you get a camera out he is sure to say cheese and give you this grin.)

 Tucker was loving their Christmas Tree. We didn't have one again this year so it was a new thing for him.

Saturday was the day of my Grandma's party. My job: photograph the event. We headed to the church around 12:30. All the family arrive a little before one. Grandma arrive shortly after. We all sang happy birthday and took turns giving hugs and saying our hello's. From 1-3 it was only family. We had a catered lunch and all had time to chat, get caught up, and take family pictures with Grandma.

From 3-5 it was an open house of sorts for whomever wanted to come see Grandma and wish her a happy birthday. With the exception of eating lunch, I spent the entire party documenting the day for my grandma and trying to get pictures of her with every family member that came. It was fun to take pictures and watch her. She looked so great and radiant. I could tell she was tired, but she was happy and enjoyed having so many people come to show their love and support.

Grandma tried so hard to remember everyone who came to see her, but often she didn't have a clue who people were. She knows all her family, but when her friends and other admirers came it got a little hard for her to remember everyone. Many of them she hadn't seen in years. I thought it was so sweet how each person took the time to explain who they were and work with her until she remembered. I smiled each time as Grandma's face went from a little confusion to being lit up and excited. With each person she would light up and get a huge smile as she remembered who they were, often followed by a loving hug. It was all so sweet.

I love my Grandma so much and am so grateful that I was able to be there to celebrate this amazing milestone with her. She is such an amazing women and example in my life.

Grandma even got a random surprise. An older gentleman, Hoodoo Fudgearound (as he calls himself:), stopped by to sing a few songs to my Grandma and wish her a happy birthday. It as pretty funny and entertaining. He sang a song about being forever 34. He told my Grandma that women don't get any older then 34, they stay that age forever. Well, as he sang the song, Grandma was just so confused. She kept telling him she wasn't 34. Haha.

All in all the day was a big success (minus the printers spelling "Birthday" wrong on her huge banner:/). I even got to meet and talk to my only cousin that I have never met! It was so wonderful to finally meet him and get to know him a little bit. Hopefully we will see more of him in the future.

After the party was cleaned up and finished our family met my Aunt, DiAnn and her family at El Matador for more delicious food. It did not disappoint. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Waiting outside the restaurant

Waiting inside:)


 I think this picture tells it all. That is one happy man. He loved his food:)

The following days were spent running errands, going to church, visiting family, having a Tucker family Christmas get together, and visiting Grandma on her actual birthday:)

Gotta love sleeping in the same room as your kids on vacation. Jada took over the bed.

I am so thankful that the kids and I were able to go to Utah. (Thank you Michael for working so hard for our family so that we are able to do things like this.) I loved having my sister, mom, dad, and brother there too. I am so glad that we were able to be there to celebrate my Grandma's birthday, see family, visit friends, and visit Utah, our old home. We had such a great time, I only wish Michael could have joined us. Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible. Thank you for picking us up, taking us places, letting us stay in your homes, etc. We love you all! We can't wait to come back and visit again.

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