Christmas 2013

This year we spent Christmas with my family. All 27 of us spent a fun filled week in Columbus, Georgia, at my brother's house. He and his wife were nice enough to accommodate everyone for the week, which we are all so grateful for!

* Having 27 people under one roof!
* Everyone having their own, handmade by my Mom or Dad, stocking! (My parents have been working on counted-cross stitch stockings for someone for the last 12+ years. They made us all ones growing up, then when we started getting married and having children they kept that tradition going. Well they finally had some time to make each other stockings and even finished baby Seth's. So this year, for the first time ever, EVERYONE had stockings!)
* Helping my mom make gingerbread houses
* Decorating gingerbread houses with Jada and Tucker
* We learned that Jada loves "experimenting" and loves playing scientist. Give her some test tubes, liquids, random small foods and she is good for at least an hour!

 * Trying to complete a 1000 piece puzzle in 60 minutes.
* Taking our family pictures
* Lots and lots of yummy food
* The kids getting surprised from Maimi and Poppi each morning
* Playing our traditional "Candy Bar game" (which just gets better and better every year)
* All the adults singing in church together
* Santa came! I know him!
* Michael and the boys went disk golfing
* Shopping, lots of shopping (mostly after Christmas clearance!)
* Eating the best ice cream in the world at Chill
* Giving my Mom a sweet necklace
* 2013 Tucker Family t-shirts

* Adults went to Carrabba's
* Played Crazy Charades
* Nerf Wars
* Taking family pictures for some of my siblings
* Jada got her first camera, and LOVES it! (She also got an awesome adorable pink kitchen)
* Bentley wanted every toy Tucker got:)
* Found and bought everything we need on clearance for next year when we have our 1st Jensen family Christmas tree!
* My siblings and I sang a song together for my Daddy-O
* I got some awesome boot socks with lace trim and buttons. Thanks Michael! Along with lots of other sweet surprises.
* Matching PJ pants made by Mom
* Jada performing "A Whole New World" for everyone, multiple times
* Going to Chuck E Cheese
* All witnessing Ben's baptism!

 * Roasting s'mores for dessert one night
* Being able to play outside every day
* Lots of wrapping
* Hungry Howies PIZZA!!!
and so much more . . .

And now for the pictures:
I think I will nickname this Christmas "The Year of the Photo Bombs"

Gingerbread Houses

Family Fun at Flat Rock Park


Christmas Morning

(Yes, this is was our Christmas tree this year. With 27 people in one house there isn't much room for a big tree.)

Stocking all around:)

 The Nativity, put on by the kiddos

 Chuck E Cheese

Ben's Baptism Day


Strike a pose:)

 Puzzle Time

Showing off their "new skills" as Jada calls it. AKA sweet dance moves

Matching PJs and shirts

Family Photos

Traditional "twisty sticks" as the Leishman's call them

 Cute little Olivia

 We played

 We ate:)

We slept

 We played some more

and ate some more:)

Jada went to her last day in Nursery in my brothers ward.

Matching Christmas PJs

"Candy Bar" Game

After the Christmas festivities were over, my sister and her family headed home to Augusta (poor baby Seth was not sleeping well), and the rest of the family came to stay with Michael and I for New Years.
For 2 night and 2 days, 15 of us brought the party to our house here in Marietta. It was a full house and we loved it:) We mostly played around the house and played games together at night when the children were sleeping. We spent New Years Eve together and enjoyed that.

On New Years day, by 2 sisters and their families went home, leaving my little brother and my parents. Lucky for us we got a few more days with them before they too headed home. (During which we visited the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park)

Christmas was awesome. I loved being with all of my family and can't wait to get together again.

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