Jada Monet is 3!

Jada Monet is alright 3! She is still as sweet as can be, but has also developed a little sass at times. She is a wonderful big sister and enjoys playing with her little brother and trying to make him happy when he is sad. I couldn't ask for a better daughter and friend. I love my little Jada Bug!

As of today, January 14th, 2014, Jada:
* weighs 37 pounds
* is 39.25 inches tall
* still loves Lightening McQueen and the crew
* has started getting into princesses
* loves chasing Tucker around the house
* loves to "read" to herself
* often says, "That's my favorite!" or "I love this one" when she likes or wants something
* has started to comment on my looks. After getting ready for the day a few times this week she told me I "looked prettiful" (a mix of beautiful and pretty). On the flip side, today I put my straightened hair in a quick pony tail to which Jada responded, "Mom you do not look very beautiful with your hair like that." Gotta love the honesty
* likes to help me whenever she can
* asks us to "snuggle me" every night when she goes to bed

 * has a few new favorite songs: Part of Your World, When Will My Life Begin, and I See the Light (2 from Tangles and 1 from Little Mermaid)
* much to our surprise, preformed "Part of Your World" for my family, solo, over Christmas vacation
* likes to say, "I love your guts!" and randomly tell us that she loves us
* went to see her first movie in the theater
* loves to wear her BYU hat and BYU clothing
* enjoys doing puzzles and tells me, "It makes dad happy" when she completes one alone
* loves to dance
* often tells us to watch her so she can "show us her sweet skills"
* loves her friends
* loves her cousins and family
* tries her hardest to make Tucker happy when he is throwing tantrums
* loves cereal and would eat it for every meal if possible
* is good at reciting details and answering questions about her day
* calls Publix either "Poppi's store" or the "cookie store", calls Costco the "sample store", the Dollar Store the "green store", and has nicknames for the different YMCA's we attend. I love how she has started giving everything a name
* calls Michael's chest hair "spider web's"
* loves taking pictures and got her first camera for Christmas
* is very encouraging to Tucker
* still stays in her bed until we come and get her after naps and in the morning
* loves learning
* is now in nursery and loves it

Jada Quotes:
- "That's my optionate" (When I tell her she has a few options. Which ever one she picks she refers to it as her optionate.)
- When putting her to bed the other night she said, "I just need water, scratchies, candy, songs . . . and little tiny. That's it. That's all my things."
- The other night Jada woke up and was crying because she needed to go potty. So I took her. She went a ton, and while she as going I commented saying she really did need to go. To which she responded, "Yeah I have a lot of pee in my bum."
- Earlier this month I was getting dressed and said to myself, Does this make me look chubby? Jada was listening and responded, "No! You're not chubby, you're just mom!"

Photo's of Jada from the past few months:

Last day of Nursery follow by her First day in Primary and Sunbeams

Out on a walk with Mom and Dad. Sporting their BYU gear, per Jada's request

Jada's "favorite" movie:) For any of you who remember, she has been picking this out of our DVD collection since she was a baby. I don't know what it is about Home Alone and Home Alone 2, but she loves them. (Though she has never seen them.)

Coloring and playing in the Sweet Shop (one of her birthday gifts)

Fun with Daddy

Fun at home

Another birthday gift for Jada: cute butterfly wings from Claire:)

Jada and her favorite pumpkin

Eating Popcorn out of the garbage

Fun at the Fair

Christmas Jammies

My little airplane buddy

Traveling is exhausting

Playing at the Munks

Jada did this puzzle by herself and asked me to take a picture and send it to Daddy because it "makes him happy."

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Olive Garden

Family Movie Night

Freezing in Atlanta;) This is how we do it.

Photo's by Jada

Mommy Date: Jada and I went to see her first movie in the theater. Monster's University. She loved it!

Bringing the magic to the Disney Store

Putting baby down for a nap

Brother and Sister pictures

One of my favorite pictures of all times:)

We love you Jada Bug! 


Brittany Lewis said...

Jada is such a cute girl! Happy birthday, Jada! Miss you guys!

Brittany Lewis said...

Jada is such a cute girl! Happy birthday, Jada! Miss you guys!