Thanksgiving Vacation (part 1)

This year for Thanksgiving Michael was able to take a few extra days off, so we headed to Michigan to visit Michael's family and my sister, Tiffani and her family.

We drove through the night the Friday before Thanksgiving. The kids did great. Michael, unfortunately got a bad case of the hiccups (he had them for over 3 hours!) so that put a damper on his mood, but that aside, the car trip went well.

We arrived in Troy, Michigan, around 5AM on Saturday morning. We left everything in the car and went straight to bed. After a few hours of sleep the kids were ready to be awake and start the party. So they went downstairs to play with their cousins and Gramma and Grampa J, while Michael and I slept some more. That afternoon we took the kids to see the best Santa Claus ever!

It was freezing outside so it took us awhile to find clothes for the kids and get everyone bundled up. But luckily for us our delay made us arrive at the perfect time. We didn't have to wait in line outside like we had planned! We were able to go right in to see Santa and were able to take as much time as we wanted.

A few of the children were a bit tentative. (We made bets on who would be the criers.) But to all of our surprise, Tucker didn't cry! (Yes, he received the most votes.) He wasn't loving Santa, but he was ok to sit on his lap and have some pictures taken. Nervous, yes, but content. Jada was a little nervous as well, but she did great. I am so happy we were able to go see Santa and get some pictures with him. Not only is he the best Santa alive, they also let you take your own pictures from anywhere you would like (which is a rare thing these days). We will definitely be visiting him again.

David & Eric

Justin & Adie

Tucker & Jada

All the cousins (minus Kaylie & Brynn in Texas)

Justin & Jada

That evening we had a little celebration for Michael's birthday with his family. Michael got to pick any meal for his mom to make and even was spoiled with his favorite Pumpkin Pie (also made by his mother). I got spoiled too! His mom surprised me with Bosco Sticks!!!! For those of you who aren't familiar, they are the best! I used to buy them in High School for school lunch. Oh so good! Nothing quite like bosco sticks and a red gatorade for a healthy lunch!

Michael got lots of great gifts and surprises. His favorite I am sure was his new Nike running shoes. He still raves about them every time he puts them on. Before his birthday Michael was still sporting his old running shoes from High School! Yeah, that's right, they were probably at least 10 years old. Needless to say, it was time for some new ones.

The following day we went to church with his family, had a yummy lunch, then headed to Saline, to spend a few days with my sister and her family.

 Monday was Michael's actual birthday. I had planned to make him a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, homemade biscuits, etc. but by the time it would have been finished the kids would have been gone to school and Ryan off the work, so we decided to have the big breakfast the next morning when everyone would be home. (Ryan got Tuesday off and Tiffani let her kids stay home from school to play!) Instead I got him some donuts:) After breakfast and showers, Tiffani offered to watch the kids while we went out for lunch. So, I took Michael to Five Guys. One of his favorites. It was fun to have lunch on our own and a little time to ourselves. The burgers were great and we both left stuffed. That evening when everyone was home, Michael opened the rest of his gifts and we had a little cake and ice cream.

That night I surprised Michael with another date! Tiffani, Ryan, Michael and I all got to go out together. We got a babysitter, helped put the younger kids to bed, then headed out. First stop, BD's Mongolian Grill. It was a hit. Second stop, Quality 16 to see Catching Fire! It was awesome to go out with Tiff and Ryan and to have a fun night without the kids. Dinner was fun and the movie was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! I can't wait to see it again.

The following day we all ate a big delicious breakfast, played together, went to the mall, and had delicious NYPD Pizza for dinner. After the kids went to bed we played a few games then hit the sack.

Showing off her letter writing skills

Mr. B

Pizza Night

The following morning I took a few pictures of Carson for his baptism announcement and then we headed back to Troy to be with Michael's family.

The rest of the day was spent making preparations for Thanksgiving day, doing a little pre-Christmas shopping with Fara, a few last minute runs to the grocery store, and playing of course.

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