Thanksgiving Vacation (part 2)

Thanksgiving morning a few of us woke up bright and early, 5:45AM, to get dressed and drive to downtown Detroit to take part in the Detroit Fifth Third Turkey Trot. Michael, Kimberly, Ben, Brent and I had all planned to run in the 10K (Kurt was signed up as well but hurt his back), but as we were driving that morning we all went back and forth on whether or not to do the 5K instead. After much deliberation, we all decided to stick with the 10K. But, as we were all walking to the starting line, Ben realized that he forgot his number. So, it was decided. Michael, Kimberly and Brent would hurry to make the 10K, and Ben and I would go back to the car and then do the 5K instead. Even with all my layers, I was freezing. It was so cold outside. After walking back to the car, then back to the starting line, we were freezing. Snow had started to fall. As we heard the 10K begin we decided it wasn't worth freezing for another hour. So, Ben and I snuck in line and started to run.

It snowed the entire race. Michael, Kimberly and Brent were all able to run the entire 10K. Ben and I weren't as prepared and didn't run the entire thing, but we did our best. I made it the first 2.25 miles without stopping, which is further then I have ever ran consecutively in my life. After the first 2.25 miles I fast walked/jogged the rest in intervals. Ben and I got separated, but ended up crossing the finish line together. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but I was so glad I did it. It felt great to do my first race, and it was fun to do it with family. I even enjoyed running in the snow. Best yet, I earned my first medal! Boom baby!

After the race with our medals!

Running in Detroit

Right after we finished and were reunited 

After the race, we went home, took showers, and got to work on helping with Thanksgiving dinner. That afternoon Tiffani and her family joined us and we all had a wonderful dinner together. Everything was perfect. Great food, great company. After dinner the kids played and the adults cleaned up then all played Crazy Charades together. After games, Tiffani and her family headed home.

Ranell and I quickly got ready and headed out to do some "Black Friday" shopping while the rest of the family stayed home to play other games. Ranell and I had fun going to Walmart and Target. There is something about all the craziness that I love. I love getting a great deal, but I also love all the buzz and hype that comes with Black Friday. We both scored some great finds and were back home before 9:30PM on Thanksgiving day (hence the "Black Friday").

I got up early the next morning and started preparing for photo shoots. I did a photo shoot with my niece, Adie, and nephew, Justin, then a family photo shoot with the Gidcumb's. It was a busy morning for Michael and I. (Michael is my photo assistant whenever possible. He is the best at getting the kids to smile and look at the camera.) That afternoon we relaxed, took some naps, and just played around the house. That evening we got a babysitter and all of the adults went to the Piston vs. Lakers game! It was awesome to have another night out. It was fun to go see my first Pistons game! They led the entire game and ended up losing right at the end, which was a bummer, but that aside it was a great evening. After the game we stopped at McDonald's for some yummy ice cream then headed home. Michael, Fara, and I stayed up late working on last minute preparations for Jada's party the next day.


Detroit Basketball!

The following day was another very busy one for us. Once again, I got up early to take family photos for Brent and Ranell, then more family photos for Kimberly and Ben.

As soon as I finished with pictures, I hurried home to finish preparing for Jada's family birthday party. She was very specific this year about wanting a McQueen birthday, so that is exactly what she got. And lots of it.

The rest of the day was full of fun! Tiffani and her family came up again to celebrate Jada's birthday with us, which was awesome, and of course Michael's family was there too! We ate lots of yummy food, played a few games, and opened presents. Jada was spoiled and got lots of fun things. She was so cute as she opened each gift. She took time to inspect them all. She loved having everyone there for her party, and loved all her surprises. She is one lucky girl.

A little "Pin the Smile/95/Windshield on McQueen":)

Present Opening

Cupcake Time

 Our party guests (minue Eric who was napping and all the adults)

After the party ended and cousins went home, the kids and Michael all took naps while I packed up our things and loaded the car. After dinner we said our goodbye's and started our drive back home. The drive went great and we made it home in good time. Just like the first trip, the kids only slept about half the time, but they were happy to watch movies and eat snacks. Best news, Michael didn't get the hiccups:) We got home around 4AM and went straight to bed. We were all exhausted.

 How Tucker chose to fall asleep

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