Tucker Vincent at 16 Months

Poor Tucker has been neglected as far as blog posts are concerned. He is now 16 months old and no longer a baby; I have another toddler on my hands.

 As of January 14th, Tucker:
* weighs 26 lbs and 13 oz (75th)
* is 32.75 inches tall (80th)
* is walking great and currently learning how to run
* likes to climb on ANYTHING possible and can often be found on the table, standing on chairs, on top of the toilet, etc.
* can say Jada, Mommy, Daddy, this, please, banana, up, hi, Jesus, hello, psst, all done, cheese, go, uh ohh, oh no, quack quack, shoe and shhh
* likes shoes and wants to put him on whenever he can
* loves being outside
* loves his Daddy and gets so excited when he walks through the door
* has learned to blow on hot things
* learned to whistle
* has learned to climb on the toilet and turn on the water in the sink
* has gotten his 1st and 2nd haircut
* got his 1 year old molars
* is finally getting his 6th tooth on the bottom (He has only had 3 in front for over 6 months!)
* finally sleeps well
* loves snuggling
* signs please and thank you
* says "cheese" every time i pull out the camera
* has started throwing tantrums which always include throwing his head back . . . which leads to injuries and more crying. Not fun
* doesn't like the swings
* loves water
* likes Lightening McQueen
* loves his sister
* loves food and constantly wants to eat
* is a screamer (that is how he communicates everything)
* likes to play kitchen, cars, tools, and balls with Jada
* is the messiest eater!
* loves slides
* enjoys throwing his extra food off his tray when he is finished
* loves putting his food in his drinks then eating them. Nearly everything gets dipped in his drink
* likes to flush the toilet for everyone
* has learned to pull the toilet paper off the roll
* goes into the pantry and brings me Go Go Squeeze packets at least 4 times a day, while saying please over and over
* doesn't like anyone to take his blanket away

And now for the photos:

Tucker chowin' down on some corn

Tucker has learned how to open and empty this drawer

One of his favorite spots

Our MESSY eater

Some 16 month photos with his sister

Doing his growl

Tucker and his pumpkin of choice

When Tucker said "cheese" for the 1st time

Shopping with Penny

Finally dozed off . . .

Tucker loves Laura

even when she does silly things to him. He likes it.

In his Sunday best:)

 Running Man

Movie Night

Freezing in Atlanta - the day it was 5 degrees

We love you Tucker. Thank you for all the snuggles and kisses. You sure are a cutie when you are happy:)

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