Ice Storm 2014

That's right, another storm. Atlanta has had a crazy winter and it isn't quite over. The weather has been unstable going from really cold to perfect and warm. You never know what next week will bring.

Well in February a few days before Valentines day, Atlanta prepared for the worst this time in preparation for the ice that was predicted to fall and the freezing temperatures. This time around I think people were a little more cautious then necessary, but hey, better safe than sorry. We were lucky and weren't really effected by the ice and snow. Many lost power for days, including my sister and her family. I guess the ice caused trees and power lines fall all over the state. Lucky for us we never lost power.

Michael spend 4 days working from home and our family, once again, enjoyed being together. We spent our days playing around the house, watching movies, playing in the snow, building a snowman, and doing some sewing and baking. All in all a great week:)

 I must say, I was SHOCKED at how fast the snow melted. On Thursday morning Michael told me to go out and take some pictures while Tucker was napping. So I did. It was the perfect morning. Most of the ground was covered in a fresh blanket of perfectly white snow. After being outside for about 30 minutes I went back inside to get the kids dressed and ready to go out and play. During the 30 or so minutes I was inside, the sun came out and everything started to melt. You can see in my pictures, it went from a snow covered landscape to the water dripping off all the trees with the roads and walkways snow free. It was crazy.

Our beautiful backyard

And just like that the sun is out and it starts to melt . . . 

Do you want to build a snowman?

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Katelyn said...

Stunning pictures of the snow! The mailbox, the fence, the branches...I would seriously frame those.