Snow Jam 2014

As many of you know by now, back in January Atlanta had an ice and snow storm hit that caused quite a mess. All the million + people working in Atlanta tried to leave work at the same time, schools tried to have the school buses take the kids home but ended up calling them back and asking parents to come pick up their children (adding MORE cars to the streets), etc. And what happened? Snow Jam 2014 as they are calling it. Many normally 30-40 minute commutes home ended up being more like 10-11 hour commutes, some never made it home. People ran out of gas, vehicles were abandoned adding the chaos, accidents everywhere, the list goes on of all the craziness that resulted. On the bright side many people left the comfort of their homes to go pass out food and water and to offer their assistance to those who were stranded. Many people and businesses opened their homes to those who needed shelter. All in all, a real learning experience for the city of Atlanta:)

Luckily for us, Michael left work early enough to miss the really craziness. It only took him about 2 hours to get home (instead of the normal 35-45 minutes). It didn't take long to realize how lucky we were to have him home safe and sound. Many of our friends husbands ended up running 11 or so miles to get home in the snow instead of attempting the traffic (which was obviously a wise choice), or were left stranded at work for days. It took days for the weather to warm up and the driving conditions to improve. Meanwhile, our little family enjoyed being together and playing in the snow. Tucker was not to sure about this cold substance we call snow, but Jada on the other hand, loved it! The kids loved watching it fall from the window and then getting all bundled up to go check it out. We loved our few days of snow!

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