Tucker's 17th and18th Month

Our little stinker, I mean man, is 18 months! He has learned and grown so much in the past 2 months I am just amazed day after day at the things he is doing. Tucker still screams quite a bit and throws fits, but that aside, he is a great communicator and talker. I am surprised by the things he understands and the requests he often makes. (Don't mind Tucker's sweet expression in the picture above. It was the best I could get for this shoot. I get that face a lot;))

As of March 14th, Tucker:
* weighs 28 lbs and 1 oz (92nd percentile), what can I say, he is a solid little guy
* is 33 1/2 inches tall (85th percentile)
* enjoys trying to say anything you ask or anything he knows. Often times when he says something I will repeat it back to him and enunciate. He tries so hard to say it just right. It is so fun:) He says anything and everything
* loves singing and often sings along with Jada and/or I
* loves playing and laughing with Jada. Their new favorite things include playing outside, rolling on top of each other, playing with Jada's kitchen, playing with their tool bench, and eating. Jada opens the fridge and they both go to town.
* still loves to empty the DVD shelves on a daily basis . . . *sign*
* has started stacking the duplo legos and enjoys making small towers
* loves to color and draw with his sister
* answered Michael in the affirmative the other day when asked if he was poopy
* likes to be tucked in when put to bed
* loves Tangled and brings me the DVD every day in hopes of watching it (don't worry, we don't)
* along with the above, he loves "I see the light" from Tangled and has started to request it as a bedtime song. It took me a few minutes the other night when he kept telling me no and shaking his head to every song I started to sing. After a few tries I realized he was saying "light" and connected that with the Tangled song.
* loves stickers
* is a garbage picker
* loves grapes, yogurt and bananas
* went to nursery for the first time last Sunday and did wonderful
* loves to dance
* has the cutest little waddle run
* loves to snuggle
* loves balls

* enjoys the day care at the gym these days and often goes in without any tears
* enjoys looking for birds out the window
* likes reading books
* started crying at the door the other day saying Daddy over and over. When I opened the door to let him see that Michael was not there, he quickly went outside, climbed off the porch, ran down the driveway, and started running down the road yelling, "Daddy, Daddy!" Silly kid
* requested "Let it Go" for his nap time song
* found a lawn mower at the thrift store, screamed in excitement, and pushed that baby all around the store. Of course I bought it for him (after all it was only $1.50) and he just loves it!
* sometimes yells for Momma or Daddy when he wakes up instead of crying
* is a roller coaster when it comes to sleeping at night and his mood during the day
* is only missed 2 teeth, which will hopefully cut threw soon
* asks for milk, drink, water, grapes, banana, and other random things. He is good to come get me and take me what he wants. He tries so hard to tell me what he wants
* loves babies and gets excited when he sees one. He loves playing with Jada's babies with her
* loves going down slides
* loves to climb, but isn't the best climber
* is accident prone
* has a love/hate relationship with dogs and other animals
* loves food and wants to eat almost constantly
* knows where his nose, eyes, tongue, hair, ears, belly button, and mouth are
* enjoys putting objects down his shirt
* sings "Go, Go, Go" from the Cat in the Hat TV show often
* can say his own name pretty well
* enjoys waving goodbye
* loves cars and points them out all day (mostly toy cars in the store or Cars cars on items at the store)
* enjoys turning on the water in the bathroom sink and playing in it. (We try to keep the door closed) He actually caused a little flooding in the bathroom today when he left it running and the sink overflowed. Good thing Michael heard it going and found it before there was any damage. Just lots of drenched towels to wash.

Some of our fun
 Dancing with Jada

 Zoo Atlanta

 Playing at the Park

Webchatting with my Kiddos

My adorable little Valentine

17 Month Photoshoot

 My matching men with matching Nike's

 My little trash picker. I was trying to get rid of some candy and this little man found it and went to town while I was busy working on my computer. Little stinker

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