California Part 2

Our remaining week in the LA area was packed with fun. We had lots we wanted to do and not a ton of time left. So we took advantage of it.

Thursday we spent the entire day at Disney California Adventure! Jada and Tucker had so much fun (minus Tucker's epic, record setting, ginormous meltdown do to missing naps and the lack of sleep). We even had some BYU friends, Jenni and her 2 children, meet us at the park. It was so fun to get to see them and get to spend a few hours at Disney with them. Jada and Tucker both loved Cars Land and everything it had to offer. Last year when we took Jada she was to scared to go on any rides. This time she went on them all. She barely met the height requirement for the Radiator Springs Racers ride, by 1/2 an inch, which she was super excited about. While she was a little scared at parts (she doesn't like loud noises), she loved it; so much so she asked if I would take her on it again even though I told her we would have to wait a long time since we didn't have another fast pass. After doing and seeing everything we could in Cars Land, we headed over to A Bugs Land and rode the rides there.

After some lunch and cooling off in the Bugs Land water play area we headed to the Monsters Inc ride. Another hit. Next stop, the Disney Jr - Live on Stage. Though we don't have cable and the kids didn't know many of the Disney Jr. characters, they really loved the show. If any of you go to Disney with children I highly recommend it. I thought it was fun. Not to mention air conditioned and dark:)

After the show we went to the Animation building in hopes of getting Tucker to take a nap. It is also a nice, cool, dark place ideal for nappers. Well, this is where the meltdown of the century took place for all to see. In the end he did fall asleep though. His nap only lasted 40 minutes or so, but that was enough to keep him happy and together for the rest of the night.

After spending a couple hours in there (my Mom took Jada around to meet the characters in the building and on a few rides while I dealt with Tucker, thank goodness I wasn't alone) we went on the Toy Story ride, watched the parade, then went back to Cars Land. Jada and I went on the Racers one last time while mom, dad, and Tucker went and got our spots for the World of Color.

It was fun to have some one on one time with Jada. She was so excited to go on the ride again. We did have to wait for about an hour, but she did great and thought it was all worth it. After our last ride we met my parents and watched the World of Color. One word: amazing! Technology is just mind blowing some times. I was just in awe of everything about the show. Disney really is a magical place.

As expected the kids fell asleep before we even made it to the car.

Cars Land

A Bugs Land

Monsters Inc.

Disney Jr. - Live on Stage

Waiting for the Parade

A few last pictures before it gets dark:)

The next few days were spent eating yummy cupcakes, walking down Santa Monica Blvd to Rodeo Dr, going shopping at the mall, going to Beach House Beach, and playing with Maimi and Poppi. I even got to go on a date with my Dad to La Conversation, a fun little cafe across the street from their house.

Beach House Beach: Combat boots a must

It was quite windy

Georgetown Cupcakes


Walking down the Santa Monica Blvd park

Yoga with Maimi: she is a pro:)

Funny Story: While driving home from church Jada would not stop talking (which has been a common thing). After a few minutes I asked her nicely, "Jada could you stop talking for a few minutes?" to which she responded, "No, I can't stop!" in an exasperated tone. One minute later, she was asleep.

We had such a wonderful time in California with my parents. Tucker slept better than ever the whole vacation, the kids were happy, we had lots of fun, and made lots of memories.

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