Better late than never right?!?

Life in the Jensen family has been full of fun and adventures in the last few months. So much so that I really haven't had the time and energy to edit my pictures and update the blog (aka my journal). In order to get to everything I think its best we go all the way back to Easter:)

This year our family celebrated Easter a week before the real Easter. The kids and I got tickets to go visit my parents in California and without realizing it I booked our flights for a few days before Easter Sunday.

But no worries, since Jada and Tucker are young, it was easy to pull off without ruining the Easter Bunny or any other tradition. They had no clue, which worked out great. Jada was so excited to FINALLY get to find Easter eggs (randomly in January she started asking when it would be Easter and continued to ask every week until it finally arrived). They decorated eggs, found their hidden baskets and eggs, ate lots of treats, and loved every minute. On Sunday Jada wore her Easter dress that I made her, and Tucker wore his matching Easter tie. We even managed get a few family picture after church. All in all a successful Easter weekend.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Easter Baskets Saturday morning

Finding Easter eggs

(this is one of my all time favorites)

Spring/Easter Blossoms

Easter Family Photos

Happy Easter:)

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