Exciting News!

Well the word is out, number 3 is in the oven. In January we will be adding a new little baby to our family. We are all very excited (especially Jada)! I am currently 19 weeks and today we got to have an ultrasound to find out the gender of our little one.

Just for some added fun, I made us pink and blue pancakes in the morning. Jada and Tucker were pretty impressed and thought it was awesome to get colored pancakes.

We decided to take both the kids to the ultrasound and I am glad we did. It was such a fun experience to have together. Both Jada and Tucker loved watching the baby moving on the screen. Jada enjoyed pointing out all the parts she recognized (like the head, eyes, nose, arms, legs and feet) and thought it was fun to watch the baby kick a ton. Tucker was excited to see the baby too and kept pointing out its nose as well. It really was a sweet experience to see their excitement.

Jada has been telling me for months that baby is a girl, she had me convinced . . . but she was wrong. Jada and Tucker will be having a baby brother due January 23rd, 2015! Luckily she wasn't too disappointed:)

 Unfortunately we have no names on the table for boy #2 . . . we had come up with a few girl names, but could not come to any agreement on boy names we would like to use. So please, any suggestions would be awesome:) Please note: I won't pick any classic common names, we are looking for something a little less used, but awesome . . .

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Katelyn said...

So fun the kids went to the ultrasound too! My name suggestions- Carter, Tyson, Tyce, Tanner, Crew, Taylor, Jake..luckily a lot of names go with Jensen! I still love that you guys chose Jada and Tucker!