Our Michigan Vacation and the Jensen Family Reunion

After our New York trip, we spent the next 3 weeks in Michigan dividing our time with Michael's family and my sister, Tiffani, and her family. It was so fun to get to be with each of them and for a good amount of time. Jada and Tucker loved spending time with their cousins and were so happy to wake up every day to their friends. Jada had the biggest smile on her face every day, all day, and truly loved every second.

A few highlights from the trip (reunion week not included):
- Celebrating the twins birthday
- Me getting to take my niece, Halli, and nephew, Carson, on a date to see Maleficent at the movie theater
- Going swimming many times
- Celebrating Kurt's birthday which included a movie night with all of Michael's siblings and their spouses
- Jada and Tucker loved playing with Grampa J in the mornings and loved playing with all of Gramma and Grampa's fun toys
- Getting to spend 3 weeks with Michael (Work free, Yeah!)
- Spending a week in Holland with all of Michael's family (more about that to follow)
- Celebrating the 4th of July
- Taking lots of naps
- Visiting the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum
- I didn't have to make hardly any meals (which was AMAZING)
- Enjoying the nice Michigan weather that was a TON cooler then Georgia
- Playing games, watching movies/shows, and enjoying being with family
- Getting to spend a lot of time with my awesome sister
. . . and lots of other things not mentioned

We enjoyed every minute of our long family vacation together. The kids loved having their dad around all day and were spoiled.

Having fun at Gramma and Grampa J's while Mom and Dad were in NY

The Hands on Museum

David & Eric's 2nd Birthday Bash

The March Madness Trophy Ceremony
Winners Circle

Our MC, Brent

Last years winner, Mom, giving her speech

Handing over the trophy

Mark, this years winner

Our 4th of July fun

This is how Jada watches fireworks . . .

Happy 4th of July!

Tucker and Grampa

Bubbles with Grampa

Orange Leaf Ice Cream . . . Yummy!

At the Pool with the Harris'

Tracey's Pool

Sticker Lovin'

For one of the weeks, the Jensen family all went to Holland, Michigan for a family reunion. Dad rented the perfect house right on the beach. There was a tennis court, shuffle boards, a play structure, and trampoline out front, and a beautiful beach in the back. The house itself was nice and large to accommodate us all and even had a pool table and game room.

We had an awesome time spending the week there with the family. We went to the beach every day, played games/watched movies in the evenings, had a fun fishing pond for the kids, played a family trivia game made by Michael which rocked, the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping, we took advantage of the tennis courts and fun things in the front yard, took family pictures, and relaxed. It was a wonderful week. The weather wasn't ideal, but we didn't let that stop us.

I was so proud of Jada and Tucker. They both do not like sand, but overcame their fears. In fact, when Fara (Gramma J) told Jada that we were going to the beach for a week Jada said, "Oh no, I forgot my boots!". If you remember from earlier posts, when we went to the beach in California, Jada wore her combat boots and wouldn't take them off because she didn't want to touch the sand with her feet. Anyways, Jada overcame her sand issues and loved the beach. Tucker too! It only took Jada a few minutes to be brave enough to walk on the sand and get in the water, and once she did it didn't bother her again. Tucker took a bit longer, but by the end of the week he was playing in the sand and even in the water! He really loves the water now and is a good little swimmer (with his Puddle Jumper). It was fun to watch their progress over the week.

Lake Michigan

Personalized towels for the grandkids from Gramma and Grampa

 Check out those skills

 Beach day, every day!

Pretending to be a kitty . . . crawling through the water

 Girls Afternoon Out

The beach house

Dinner time:)

Boys Golf Day

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