Tucker at 24 Months

Poor Tucker hasn't gotten his usual posts. With everything that has been going on, his updates have been neglected . . . though I guess Jada's have too. What can ya do?!

As of September 14th, Tucker:
* can speak really well. We understand nearly everything he says and asks for. Even Jada can understand him and sometimes annoyingly tells me what he is saying if I guess wrong the first time. He is using sentences which is fun too. I really think this has been a huge blessing. Being able to communicate really has helped Tucker and his screaming/meltdowns
* loves to sing and tried to sing every song he can. He can often be found singing "I Am A Child of God", "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" and "I'll Make A Man Out of You" to himself while playing
* is a stinker when it comes to eating dinner. He refuses to try anything unless HE wants to and likes to play scientist with his water and food. Bribery doesn't work either. We have tried many methods to get Tucker to try new foods (or even eat foods we know he loves but refuses to eat that day) but nothing works. If Tucker doesn't want to eat it, he won't. End of story
* has been taking 2 naps during the day until today. We have officially switched to 1 nap a day and I can't say it has been great. He still needs 2, but refuses to take 2 most days. His 1 only last about an hour and a half and it just isn't quite enough, AND he often falls asleep before I can get him into his bed (like if we are out running errands). I am hoping in time he will adjust and we can figure out the perfect time for him to nap
* can count to 10 all by himself
* knows some of his colors
* knows that "S" says "sssss" and "A" says "aaaa"
* randomly says "I love you, Mommy" which I LOVE!
* likes to say prayers and read the scriptures (with help). We tell him what to say and he repeats it
* wakes up way to early every day (between 6 and 6:30AM)
* tells me "I'm good!" if I ask him if he is stinky or poopy and he isn't
* likes to hide in my closet or under the table to do his "business" (Good sign! I think he should be ready to potty train soon. Maybe even before baby comes! Now if I could muster up the energy to do it . . . )
* loves to sing and do the actions to "The Wise Man Built his House Upon A Rock" and "Popcorn Popping"
* likes to pretend to talk on the phone. The other day he picked my phone up and said, "Hello! Are you there?!" (Obviously we are having coverage issues over here:))
* loves his Daddy and always runs to him excitedly when he gets home from work
* still loves his (ok Jada's) tools and often carries his hammer and screwdriver around all day. Many mornings he gets up and tries to find it first thing. Its pretty cute:)
* got a hanger stuck in his throat. Yup, you read that correctly. A HANGER stuck in his throat. Luckily it was a plastic kids one and my adrenaline kicked in. After many attempts I got it out with no damage done. But I will say, it was the scariest few minutes of my life and I really thought I was going to lose him. I was shaken up for a few days to follow.
* loves the water and after a summer of pools and beaches loves to swim on his own with his puddle jumper, jump into the pool, and play in the sand (Both of which were not on his list of things that were fun or desirable in the beginning of the summer)
* currently loves the movies Tangled and Mulan, in addition to his usual favorites
* likes to have mommy put him to bed
* asks for milk first thing every morning
* did awesome at his 2 year check up and didn't cry when he got his finger pricked or when the doctor checked him over. He only cried for a couple seconds after his shots.
* loves to do everything and anything Jada does. If she climbs up on the table, so will he. If he sees her throw something to Michael or I, he will to. While this is cute, it is also not so great. Jada isn't the best example of things we can do or should do
* is such a cute little man and a fun brother for Jada. We sure love our Tucker. I love that he is so cuddly and loving. He has the cutest smile and a fun laugh. I love the cute random things he says and his fun personality

My adorable 2 year old

We love out little cuties!

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Katelyn said...

Fun seeing updates on Mr. Tucker! And what the heck of all things...a hanger?! So scary! About to get caught up on Kaden's updates now!