Tucker's 2nd Birthday

This year for Tucker's 2nd birthday we decided to do a fun robot themed celebration for him. He isn't obsessed with robots by any means, but he loves his robot PJ's and I thought it would be fun. His cake turned out pretty well and he really loved all the robots on his gifts.

He was so cute. All day long he sang "Happy Birthday" to himself. Jada told everyone at church who would listen that Tucker is 2 now and that it was his birthday. He was so happy all day and loved having HIS special day.

Lindsey and Kenny came over for dinner and joined in the festivities. We had a yummy enchilada dinner (which the kids both LOVED) then opened gifts. As expected, Jada had a hard time giving Tucker his space and time to open his own gifts. She was just as excited as he was. After all the fun gifts, we lit his candles and showed him his surprise robot cake. He loved it! Above all, he loved being able to pick at his cake and eat whatever treats and frosting he wanted. It was totally worth it! My favorite part of the day happened right when Tucker started eating his cake. Michael told him he could eat the treats or whatever he wanted. He immediately got a huge smile on his face and started singing to himself. He sang, "happy birthday to tucker . . . " then picked off a treat and ate it:) It was the best!

The Robot Cake

 Opening the Gifts

I love Jada's face:)

Tucker with his favorites: Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Kenny

 Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. T!

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