Halloween Disney & California

During the first part of October, I got to spend 3 amazingly fun days with my sisters and parents in California. We have all wanted to do Halloween Disney and since this was my parents last few days living in California before moving back to Utah, we decided it was the perfect opportunity. It was an awesome way to celebrate my dad's retirement AND 60th birthday! I am not quite sure how it ended up being just my parents and their girls, but it did (Sadly my sister-in-law Jessica was not able to make it:( We missed you Jessica!). We were kid free for a few days and got to enjoy the adult side of Disney.

We all flew in Wednesday night and spent the night right outside of Disney. On Thursday, we spent the entire day at California Adventure. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to ride a lot of the rides since I am pregnant, but luckily that wasn't the case. We spent all day having fun and doing whatever we wanted to do. My mom got us all matching shirts, and Tiffani bought us all Minnie ears:) It was fun to be a kid for the day . . . or rather 3 days. Since it was just us adults, we were able to skip a lot of line waiting by doing the single rider lines, which was awesome. I highly recommend it.

 Disney's California Adventure

Taking a little break for some ice cream

My adorable parents:)

On Friday we spent the morning enjoying the ocean and watching the surfers at Huntington Beach. I have been to Santa Monica Pier and the beaches near there, but this was my first time to Huntington. I really enjoyed the big waves and watching the surfers. I think I could have stayed there all day . . . if only I had a chair to sit in. Sitting on the beach, pregnant, with no back support only lasts so long. It was so amazing to watch them. It really made me want to go out there and try it myself. They make it look so easy:)

Huntington Beach

I went down near the shore to take a picture with the surfers and got a surprise wave that soaked my pants. Good thing Tiffani caught it on camera. Hahaha.

Tiffani with a "real" surfer

After the beach, we picked up lunch and had a little surprise birthday celebration for my dad, pool side. Nothing too fancy.

Celebrating Dad's 60th Birthday

After our lunch, we got dressed in our Halloween costumes and headed to Disney. Tiffani and I went as skeletons, Dad as Waldo, Dantzel and Mom as Dodgers fans, and Lindsey as a Mime. With our Halloween Disney passes, we were able to get into the park at 4pm and then stay until midnight (unlike the rest of the people who got kicked out of the park at 7pm). Only a certain amount of tickets are sold for the Halloween party, so there are a lot less people come 7. Well from 4-7, Tiffani and I got quite a mix of reactions to our make up. Some loved it, others you could tell did not . . . we felt bad enough at one point that we thought about taking it off (the kids were a bit scared of us). I seriously avoided peoples eyes and tried to ignore their reactions. The others had fun watching it all and laughing at people and their responses. BUT, as soon as 7 hit and all of the "normal" non Halloween folks left, it was the complete opposite. Everyone LOVED our makeup and costumes. It was so funny to see and experience the different reactions.

When the Halloween party started the lines for the rides were considerably shorter. Many rides you could just walk right on. It was awesome! It was fun to experience the rides in the dark. On top of the rides, they had trick-or-treating all over the park. They had little stops with 5-6 stations handing out candy. Best of all, not just one piece, but usually 5 or 6. We left that night with bags and bags of candy. It was fun to see all the costumes and to experience it all. I think my favorite thing I ate was this yummy fresh pineapple ice cream. Oh man. So good. I will say I was a little disappointed as far as the villains were concerned. I imagined them all over the park. But instead, they just had 2 out at a time up in the front where you could wait in line and take a picture with them. A bit less exciting then anticipated. Plus, who wants to spend the entire night waiting in line to get pictures with all the different villains? Not me.

Halloween Disney

Saturday morning we packed up and drove to Hollywood to have a delicious breakfast at The Griddle. We all shared a few dishes that were all so good! As soon as I ate enough, I had to head to the airport. Mom was nice enough to take me.

The flight home was long but good. Flying on an airplane when pregnant is not ideal. Man is it uncomfortable. When I got up to use the bathroom, the (extremely outgoing and talkative) guy behind me guessed that I was about 8 1/2 months along and asked if I was about to pop. (No I didn't ask him to guess, he just did) When I chuckled and told him that I still had 3 months to go his comment was, "Wow, you are going to be huge!". Um, thank you. My real thought was, "You have no idea". Oh the things people say. Luckily it didn't bother me. I actually think it is quite funny. It was obvious he didn't have children of his own, or had never had a pregnant wife. Add that conversation to the book of "Things to Never Say to A Pregnant Lady".

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