North Georgia State Fair

Last month Michael and I were able to take the kids to the North Georgia State Fair. We had such a fun Saturday together. Jada and Tucker both loved riding all the rides, seeing the animals, eating carnival food, and simply enjoying our family time together. September was a busy month for Michael and it was so nice to be able to be together and to get out and have fun.

And now for a plethora of pictures to remember our awesome day:

Despite his expression, Tucker was very excited to ride the "Nemo" ride:)

And this is when Tucker started to get really tired and lost interest in riding the rides. No smiles for this ride from him. Jada on the other hand loved "shooting" the guns.

After Tucker woke up from his power nap he was back to enjoying the rides

Jada's favorite ride of the day. She loved it so much she wanted to go on it twice in a row. When I got off the ride with her the first time I was nervous that she hated it (it goes pretty high) but to my surprise when I asked her if she like it, her response was, "It's was amazing!"

Jada's first time actually ENJOYING the carousel

Our last ride of the day

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