Burts, BJ Reece, and Mountain Valley

A few Saturdays ago, our family had a festive fun filled day. Literally, we spent about 9 hours in total (including driving) doing all the festive and traditional October activities that we could.

We started off our day by going to Burt's Farm. This was our first time going to this particular farm/pumpkin patch. I was a little nervous going into it, mostly because their website isn't the best, but we were all pleasantly surprised. We had a fun time there enjoying their hay ride (Tucker was pretty excited about the tractor that pulled us along the path.), taking pictures, and picking out our pumpkins. I loved how they organize everything. They have different colors of pumpkins and have them all arranged by color and size, with the price written with a Sharpy on top for the larger ones. They had thousands to choose from. So, when we were ready, we got our wheel barrel and made our way through all the pumpkins hunting for our "perfect" pick. Jada and Tucker really loved being able to pick their own. Michael enjoyed it as well, he picked a big one. Best of all the pumpkins were actually affordable. This was the first year we actually bought a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch (well besides a tiny $3 one for Jada last year).

After Burt's, we stopped by Amicalola Falls. We didn't have time to hike, so we drove to the top. A bit disappointing. If you ever go, I guess you just need to take the time to hike it because the view from the top is, well . . . like seeing a little river. Not too exciting.

Next we headed down the road to BJ Reece Apple Orchard. We were a bit late as far as apple picking season goes, so we decided to just get some apple cider and donuts, buy some apples, and call it good. (Side note: the church next door was doing a hot dog fundraiser so we decided to support them and buy a hot dog or two. Well they were the worlds fattest hot dogs. I seriously have never seen such a large hot dog. I have no idea why anyone would buy them so thick. It was weird, and slightly disgusting.) All in all a fun trip to the apple orchard.

Our last stop was to Mountain Valley Farm's. They are known for their grass fed animals that they raise and sell there, as well as their petting zoo and ice cream (all made right there with fresh ingredients). The kids really enjoyed petting the animals and seeing them up close. We also enjoyed some ice cream too:)

Over all it was an awesome day. The kids did really well and loved all the different places we visited. We made some fun memories. Tucker still talks about the pumpkin patch and the tractors.

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