Washington DC

Last week one of Michael's best friends from Michigan got married in the DC Temple and we were able to go. Michael has been wanting to visit DC with the family for awhile now, so we took the opportunity to go. We left Wednesday afternoon and drove home Sunday. We stayed with another friend, JM, at his Mom's house right outside the city. Best of all, Michael's parents drove in for the wedding as well!

We spent all of Thursday touring DC with Gramma and Grampa J. Tucker and Jada were so excited to see them and to be able to spend some time with them. We took the Metro into the city and started our day at the Air and Space Museum. The kids loved all of the airplanes and fun things they could see and touch. It was interested to see all the stuff they had and to learn many things I didn't know. After a few hours there, we bundled up and walked to the Washington Monument and down to the Lincoln Memorial, being sure to check out the other memorials near by. I was so surprised by the cleanliness of the city and all of its attractions. Compared to NYC, it's like night and day. I could actually see us living near DC . . . I don't think I could do NYC. It's too dirty, smelly, and crowded for me. Anyway, the kids took a good nap in the stroller as we walked all over and enjoyed the weather and day. After the Vietnam Memorial, we headed back to the Metro and hurried to get Michael to the "bachelor party". While he had fun with the boys, the kids and I had dinner with Gramma and Grampa and went for a quick swim at their hotel. The perfect way to end our busy day.

Sleeping babies all bundled up

Our happy campers after a long day of walking:)

Friday was the day of the wedding. We got up, got ready, and headed to the DC Temple. What a beautiful place. I watched the kids while Michael and his parents went into the sealing. Jada was so excited to see the "marriage girl" and tried to get as close to her as she could when they came out:) We took pictures then headed to get some lunch. They had a 2.5 hour break before the ring ceremony and dinner, so JM took us to one of his favorite places to eat. It was quite delicious. Unfortunately, Tucker lost it at lunch (poor kid didn't get his usual naps and went to bed late every night) so lunch was not as nice and fun as we had hoped, but it was good.

 After lunch we headed to the Country Club. We had some refreshments and drinks for a bit while the kids ran around outside, then headed into the ring ceremony. What we were able to hear of the ceremony was beautiful (Tucker was a bit crazy). Following, we headed into the dining room. Within 2 minutes Tucker had spilled his water all over the table. It was at this point that I really wasn't sure if we made the right choice in coming as a family. Just Michael was going to come originally and I was starting to think we made a huge mistake. But, the rest of the evening went wonderfully. Tucker and Jada both did great at dinner and loved toasting the couple and joining in the dancing fun. They both were out on the floor for awhile and made friends with some other kids their age pretty quickly. Tucker had a little romantic encounter that was the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was seriously like watching teenagers, except they were only 2, so it was a lot cuter:) I wish I had it all on film. It was seriously the best 5 minutes (a few pictures are included). Jada also made a friend and she and Violet danced the night away. She didn't leave the dance floor except to get a drink and when it was time for us to leave. I think the highlights for her were the few moments when the "marriage girl" danced with her and her friend. She was beaming. Poor Tucker crashed in Grampa's arms before 9. All in all a wonderful day.

Our little man about to enjoy his first dance:)

Jada and Violet

Saturday morning after some much needed sleep, we headed to the Natural History Museum with JM. It wasn't as awesome as I had hoped. We told the kids we were going to see dinosaurs, but their exhibit was closed and didn't open for another week. Bummer. We did find a few things that they enjoyed. Our personal favorites were the 2 photography exhibits which were amazing! Seriously amazing. For lunch we got some local BBQ, then rested from all the walking. That night we joined JM's mother's ward and their Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat.

Sunday was all driving. A long day of driving. The kids did great. As for me, my swollen legs started to bother me about half way through and for the rest of the trip I struggled to be comfortable. My poor legs, my poor body. Luckily, I think they are back to normal now.

Despite Tucker's lack of sleep and therefore sour attitude and terrible tantrums at times, it was a fun trip for us all:) We took our new van (I should post about that soon) and it was a hit. The DVD player seriously saved us. The kids did so well and loved watching movies.

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