Jada is 4!

Our little girl is now a big girl. She has changed a lot in the past year and grown so much. It has been fun watching her excitement as she learns new things and matures. A few things about our 4 year old Jada, she:

* weighs 42.5 pounds and is 42.5 inches tall
* loves princesses and dress up. She thinks she needs every princess dress with shoes to match. She has a few, but every time we go to the store and she sees one she doesn't have she is sure that I need to get it for her right then. (Though now that she has learned about the whole Santa business she has started telling me that she is going to ask Santa for it . . . still.)
* still loves playing with Cars and Planes, but usually chooses her princess clip dolls, princess barbies, or other more girly things to play with
* loves playing with her brother
* has learned how to tease her brother and often gets in trouble for it
* loves getting piggyback rights from Dad after scriptures when going to bed
* loves to do puzzles, school workbook pages, and play any game
* is so excited to have another little brother and can't wait for him to get here
* loves learning and knows all of her letters and the sounds they make (and has for awhile). She can't read yet, but likes to sound things out and is getting close. She likes to know how things are spelled and often asks us to help her with the letters in whatever she wants to write
* loves writing her name and ours on every piece of paper she gets. You will always find JADA TUCKER MOM DAD written on anything you hand her.
* likes to draw people (which we love) and has started to add more details. Besides drawing her family, she loves to draw Elsa, Anna, and Olaf:)
* loves singing and dancing
* is a great eater
* still takes a good 2 hour + nap every day which has been a life saver for me while pregnant
* loves to play pretend by herself or with Tucker if he plays "right"
* has started to have an opinion about what clothes she wants to wear. She likes to try and pick out an outfit by herself, then comes and asks me if it matches
* has enjoyed feeling the baby in my belly and has loved learning about babies and experiencing this pregnancy with me. It has been fun to teach her and to see her excitement as she feels him move and hears his heart beat when we go to the doctor. A few months ago she was listening to my belly and feeling him move when all of the sudden he stopped. She asked me why he stopped and I told her that he was probably sleeping. She looked at me and said, "No mom, I think he is praying for our family." :)
* has loved going to preschool and is excited every time she goes. She always tells me what letter she is going to learn about and is excited to show Michael and I what she did that day
* has developed a bit of an attitude at times, but for the most part is a good listener and very helpful
* loves her friends and loves any play date she can go on
* enjoys going shopping with mom
* loves shadow dancing on mom and dads bed with the lights off and the lamp on
* loves it when her Twilight Sparkle (aka Dad) tells her bedtimes stories
* is seriously adorable:)
* still LOVES sausage and bacon
* is such a joy to have

We are so grateful to have Jada in our family. She really does light up the room when she smiles and is happy. I know that she is going to be the best helper when the baby comes and I am so glad I have her forever. We love you Jada Bug!

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