Jada's 4th Birthday

Our little girl is already 4! Sometimes I can't believe she is that old, and other time I think she acts older and I expect too much from her.

Since about May, Jada has been telling everyone who will listen about her "Frozen" birthday that she is going to have when she turns 4. She attended a few of her friends "Frozen" parties and was sure that she needed one as well. I wasn't sure what to do. I had already decided that I was not going to throw her a party this year because we did a big one last year, but after all her excitement and vocalization about her upcoming party what was a mom to do:) I caved. But it was a good compromise.

Jada woke up to snowflakes hanging all over the living room and a new Elsa dress and shoes hanging up for her to wear (one of her birthday requests). We open gifts with Dad then he left for work. Jada was so excited to get the Elsa barbie she had been asking for and other fun Frozen gifts. I got her a Kristoff barbie to go with Elsa (and Anna the she already has) and thought she would enjoy having that and would let Tucker play with her. Well upon opening it, Tucker excitedly said "Kristoff!" and wanted to see it. Jada kindly handed it to him and said, "Here, you can have it!" :) Hahaha

I scheduled preschool to be at our house on her birthday (luckily it was on her actual birthday). We had the school portion of preschool, then spent the remainder of the time having a her "Frozen" birthday party. It was perfect.

We played Pin the Nose on Olaf, knocked over cups with snowballs (marshmallows) and decorated snowflake sugar cookies. After the games we had a bit of cake and called it a day. All morning Jada kept telling all of her friends that she was almost 4. When I told her that she was already 4, she quickly corrected me and said, "I am not 4 until I blow out my candle!" Apparently that is the moment when you officially graduate to the next age. Needless to say, Jada was very excited when we finally did the cake and she was "officially" 4:) The kids loved our party and Jada thought it was great.

Snack time

Pin the Nose on Olaf

Snowball Toss

Snowflake Decorating

Opening Gifts

Jada's Party Pals

Officially 4:)

The rest of her birthday was spent playing with her new toys and games, relaxing, and then having Enchilada's for dinner (the kids favorite). I asked Jada if she wanted to go anywhere, but she just wanted to stay home and play with her new things. So that is what we did. She also requested that we watch a movie. I was expecting her to pick Frozen, but to my surprise she picked Cars. I guess she had enough girly stuff for one day. She put down all her Frozen toys, got herself come Cars, and she and Tucker had a fun time watching and playing together.

All in all I think the day was a success. She loved every minute.

One more time with Daddy! You can never blow out the candle too many times:)

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