Christmas in Michigan

This year we were able to drive to Michigan and spent Christmas with Michael's family there. Luckily for us, Lindsey and Kenny wanted to go to Michigan too to spend Christmas with Tiffani and her family, so they rode with us on our 12 hour drive. They were seriously life savers. It was so great to have them in the back with the kids. I hardly had to turn around at all and was able to relax and "enjoy" the drive. It was also nice to have extra drivers during the night hours and extra helpers on our stops.

We spent 10 fun days in Michigan enjoying being with family and celebrating our Saviors birth. Some of the highlights:

* Michael and I went to see Mocking Jay with Kimberly and Ben
* The girls went and got pedicures . . . ahhh so nice
* Going bowling with the entire family plus Tiffani, Ryan, Carson, Halli, Bentley, Olivia, Lindsey and Kenny
* Decorating gingerbread houses
* Visiting the awesome Santa
* Staying up late watching movies and playing games
* Having an awesome Christmas day and enjoying the kids excitement as they opened their gifts and got some sweet surprises
* The kids all surprised dad and got him a nice camera for Christmas. I think he was a bit shocked
* Doing lots of shopping
* The boys went and saw Interstellar and also went and played racketball
* Spending a day at my sisters which included fun games like "Box of Lies" and "Telestrations" and lots of laughs
* The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins and especially liked driving Justin's electric car and pouring ping pong balls down the stairs
* Jada got an Anna dress and shoes from Santa and Tucker got a sweet Spiderman costume

Most of all it was fun to just be together and enjoy each others company. The kids enjoyed doing the Nativity on Christmas Eve and loved everything that Christmas means. We are so blessed and so grateful for our Savior and the opportunity we had to celebrate his birth and life.

And now for the photos in no particular order:

Bowling at 5 Star

(best picture ever)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve cousins in their Christmas PJs

Christmas Morning

Gingerbread Houses

Our cuties

Visiting Santa

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