Blessing Memphis

Last Sunday, February 15th, Michael gave Memphis a name and a blessing in sacrament meeting. My parents, and Lindsey & Kenny were able to come, as well as, Michael's parents and brother, Kurt, who drove in from Michigan for the weekend so that they could be there too. It was so wonderful to have our family here with us to be there for Memphis's special day. We really appreciate everyone coming and being there for us. It was a beautiful blessing and a wonderful day.

Unfortunately it was pretty freezing, so you can't really see his blessing outfit at all and our picture session was extremely short, but oh well. I will take some inside of just him:)


Michael's parents and brother had to leave as soon as sacrament meeting was over, so Memphis and I went back home with them while the others finished attending our church meetings. We got a few pictures of them with Memphis before they had to leave. I didn't get one with Gramma and Memphis, but lucky for us she is coming back in 2 weeks to stay with us for a week. I will be sure to take some then!

After everyone was home from church we were able to get a few more pictures. We had to run outside and quickly snap a few, then run back in to keep warm. It was seriously freezing!

After all the photos Memphis needed extra snuggles and blankets to get him warmed up. Jada was happy to take over. She actually put him to sleep all by herself.

After a long day, everyone needed a nap:)

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